OotPHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (book by J. K. Rowling)
OotPOut of the Park
OotPObject Oriented Thought Process
OotPObject Oriented Transparent Proxying
OotPObject Oriented Testable Programming
OotPObject Ownership Transfer Protocol
OotPObject-Oriented Thought Process
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Because of the many options available in OOTP, Mike could set up each All-Star game to be managed by the game's artificial intelligence engine, which eliminated any bias he himself might have inadvertently brought to play-calling during the game, while maintaining control of substitutions, an important aspect given the requirement to pull pitchers after three innings (or sooner if necessary), as well as to make the frequent pinch-hitting and defensive substitutions needed to accurately represent the unique in-game dynamic that typifies an All-Star Game.
Once Mike received the roster for a year's RASG, he would begin the simming process by creating a new historical league in OOTP corresponding to the season in which that game was to take place.
After selecting the OOTP options appropriate to the season being played--roster sizes, injuries, rules reflecting the era, etc.
In OOTP, some plot points extend in new directions.