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Houghton (as cited in Open Access Research Conference, 2013) identifies research articles as correlating to productivity, efficiency, and financial upscaling.
When asked what governments should do about open access, Varmus urged them to make public funding conditional on the resulting research that's being published as open access research. "It is important not just to encourage but even to require that publicly funded scientists recognize an obligation to ensure that everyone has immediate and open access to published information."
The benefits of open access were not lost on the commercial sector, and in 2000, BioMed Central (BMC) was initiated as a commercial venture to publish open access research articles in a series of new BMC journals (http://www.biomedcentral.com/).
Our goal is to make the facility an open access research hub that will drive significant improvements in productivity, performance and quality not just in the aerospace sector but across the broader advanced manufacturing sector in North Wales, including nuclear, automotive, energy and food and drink.
It allows for long free text searches, Unlocking 18 million open access research articles, Which are continuously updated.
Kousha (2009) identified the characteristics of 545 open access citing sources targeting particularly open access research articles in four science and four social science disciplines, including their file format, hyperlinks, internet domain, language and publication year and found that about 60 per cent of the OA citing sources targeting research papers were in PDF format, 30 per cent were from academic domains ending in education (.edu) and academic (.ac), 70 per cent of the citations were not hyperlinked, papers published in eight selected disciplines were in non-English languages.
The inspiration for the open access research resource came to Olukan through his work with the research group of Dr.
The latest volume provides an insight into selected topics, including: ERA ratings achieved by institutions over the three ERA rounds conducted in 2010, 2012 and 2015; gender balance across research disciplines; and open access research outputs.