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OAGOffice of the Auditor General (of Canada)
OAGOffice of the Attorney General
OAGOwens Art Gallery (Canada)
OAGOfficial Airline Guide
OAGOverly Attached Girlfriend
OAGOpen Applications Group
OAGOperations Analysis Group
OAGOpen-Angle Glaucoma
OAGOpen Application Group
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OAGOffice of the Controller and Auditor-General (New Zealand)
OAGOperational Advisory Group
OAGOfficer Advisory Group (UK)
OAGOrange, New South Wales, Australia - Springhill (Airport Code)
OAGOffice of the Adjutant General
OAGOrganizational-Activity Game (psychology)
OAGOll An Gwella (Welsh: All the Best; men's acapella chorus)
OAGObject Application Group
OAGOffice of the Advocate General for Scotland
OAGOrdered Attribute Grammar
OAGOcean Applications Group
OAGOptical Alignment Group
OAGOther Administrative and General (costs)
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Presently, organizations such as agXML [21], ANSI ASC X12 [22], the Open Applications Group [23], and UN/CEFACT [24] address portions of these needs, often for specialized industries or product types.
The Abu Dhabi aviation market is set for strong growth in 2012, according to the latest Open Applications Group (OAG)) data.
Perceptant's support for UBL extends its openness and complements existing support of other business-to-business integration standards, such as VICS Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) and standards efforts led by groups such as CommerceNet, RosettaNet and the Open Applications Group (OAG).
For transactional standards, we work with the Open Applications Group. For data standards we have partnered with GS1--US to provide unique product and location identifier through our own Ag Industry Identification System (AGIIS) database.
Other efforts have been either successful in terms of implementation but focused on local realities, such as the Standard Import Export file (SIE) in Sweden, or have very limited scope and little diffusion, such as the Open Applications Group Integration Specification's (OAGIS) GL Entries.
In December of 2005, The Open Applications Group (OAGi) and ISA announced their intent to work together to minimize redundancy and converge their work.
The five organizations that form the new working group include ISA and WBF, as well as Open Applications Group; Machinery Information Management Open Systems Alliance, or Mimosa, which focuses on operations and maintenance standards, and Open Process Control, a vendor group.
He is the vice chair of membership for the Open Applications Group (a publisher of XML standards for application-to-application and B2B systems integration) and has served on its executive board for the past 3 years.
Also very important for the package vendors is the work of the OAG (Open Applications Group), which has become widely accepted by package and platform vendors.
It works with procurement standards like Open Buying on the Internet (OBI) and the Open Applications Group (OAG) and with payment systems like Microsoft's new Passport and other ECML-enabled wallets.
Another example of XML in use is the Open Applications Group, a nonprofit industry consortium that includes the world's leading business software companies.
[Open.sup.i] and [OAG.sup.ii] (Open Applications Group) to work on IT integration issues facing chemical and other process manufacturers [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 4 OMITTED].
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