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ODPOpen Directory Project
ODPOfficer Development Program
ODPOzone Depletion Potential
ODPOcean Drilling Program
ODPOffice Depot (stock symbol)
ODPOpen Drip Proof
ODPOlympic Development Program
ODPOracle Data Provider
ODPOperating Department Practitioner
ODPOpen Data Platform (UK)
ODPOpen Distributed Processing
ODPOffice for Domestic Preparedness (formerly Office for State & Local Domestic Preparedness; Department of Justice)
ODPOutline Development Plan
ODPOrderly Departure Program
ODPOnline Distributed Processing
ODPOracle Demand Planning
ODPOptimal Data Placement
ODPOffice of Disaster Preparedness
ODPon Demand Print
ODPOpen Data Path
ODPOpen Data Project
ODPOriginal Document Processing
ODPOracle Developer Program
ODPOhio Democratic Party (politics)
ODPOn Device Portal
ODPOklahoma Democratic Party
ODPOptical Data Processing
ODPOrganizational Development Plan
ODPOffice of Drug Policy (various locations)
ODPOptical Data Protection (Appian Communications)
ODPOfficer Distribution Plan
ODPOptional Defense Pact (gaming)
ODPOffice of Disclosure Policy (Social Security)
ODPOcean Dynamic Power (Switzerland and Sweden)
ODPOffice of Oncology Drug Products (US FDA)
ODPOutdoor Plumbing
ODPOil Depletion Protocol (energy initiative; Sebastopol, CA)
ODPOiseaux du Parc (French: Bird Park)
ODPOperator's Display Panel
ODPOn Demand Promotions (software; Universal Ad Promotions)
ODPOne Day Productions
ODPObstacle Departure Procedure
ODPOriginator Detection Pattern
ODPOrganized Reservists in Drill Pay Status (US Navy)
ODPOnline Directory Project
ODPOrbital Defense Platform (gaming, Halo)
ODPOmega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc.
ODPOcean Data Partnership
ODPOver-Draft Protection
ODPOptimum Distance Profile
ODPOmni-Directional Propulsion (Aries Propulsion Research Labs)
ODPOverseas Delivery Program (Volvo)
ODPOffice Dead Pool (web site)
ODPOperating Data Processing
ODPold development paradigm
ODPOpen Deck Party (DJs, rave, electronic music)
ODPOverall Documentation Plan
ODPOptimistic Distributed Protocol
ODPOrbital Debris Penetration
ODPOnline Data Program
ODPOrigin, Duration, Progress (illness)
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According to Netscape's 1998 10-K/A, just prior to its acquisition by AOL, Netscape paid about $1 million for the technology and "relationships" of Newhoo, renaming it the Netscape Open Directory Project.
The "Dealing with Directories" panelists included Ed Boudrout of Ask Jeeves, John Roberts of NBCi (Snap), Kate Wingerson of LookSmart, Chris Tolles of the Open Directory Project, and Liz Streng of Yahoo
com) combines its sophisticated search technology with data from Netscape's Open Directory Project (ODP) to form a hybrid service that's uniquely broad and deep.
Clearly, the Open Directory Project (ODP) has become the most important directory in recent months.
Alexa can also show matches from the Open Directory project, most of the time.
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