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OPVOral Polio Vaccine
OPVOffshore Patrol Vessel
OPVOrganic Photovoltaics (solar cells; Global Photonic Energy Corporation)
OPVOther People's Videos (aka Original Promotional Videos)
OPVOferta Pública de Venta (de acciones)
OPVOver Pressure Valve (espresso machines)
OPVOpen Pollinated Variety
OPVOffre Publique de Vente
OPVoptionally piloted vehicle (aircraft)
OPVOutpatient Visit
OPVOver Print Varnish (printing)
OPVOcean Going Patrol Vessel (Netherlands)
OPVObliterated Procesus Vaginalis
OPVOpen Ventilation
OPVOropharyngeal Video (swallowing study)
OPVOranje Paprika Vereniging (Dutch: Orange Paprika Association; est. 1995)
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You can create your own brand of new open pollinated variety from a hybrid (purchased or chance) by saving and planting some seeds and then saving and planting seeds from those plants whose characteristics you like best.
The assistance included 20 sacks of Open Pollinated Variety of white corn seeds and 10 sacks of hybrid yellow corn seeds to be distributed to identified corn farmers in the municipality.
It was, of course, the old open pollinated variety and you added some sugar to the water it was cooked in.
For corn, a total of 28,900 bags of open pollinated variety corn and 12,500 bags of organic fertilizer will be provided, while for high value crops, 600 kilograms and 5,500 packs of assorted vegetable seeds, 25,000 kilograms of mungbean, and 28,000 kg of mungbean will be distributed.