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OSMPOpen Space and Mountain Parks (City of Boulder, CO)
OSMPOpen Source Metaverse Project
OSMPOpen Space Management Plan (various locations)
OSMPOperational Support Modernization Program
OSMPOffice of Strategic Management and Planning (National Institutes of Health)
OSMPOcean Surveillance Master Plan
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gt; The open space management plan must also include the management plan of the corridors and conservations areas around and within the Obed Nkosi area.
Gloria Parkinson, a member of the Rauscher Farm committee, while noting that the town's Conservation Commission has jurisdiction over the property, said an open space management plan for the farm was submitted as part of a successful June 2008 grant application.
Tenders are invited for park and open space management plan that specifically analyses the existing rules of access to its parks and open space facilities while examining asset management, public interface systems and experience to provide strategies for consideration and implementation that increase efficiency and public opportunities.
The management plan is also a requirement for the grant, and is part of the town's overall open space management plan.
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