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OSMOEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Sales Manager
OSMOpen Street Map
OSMOffice of Surface Mining (US government)
OSMOpenstreetmap (free editable online world map)
OSMOn Site Management (various locations)
OSMOrchestre Symphonique de Montréal (French: Montreal Symphonic Orchestra)
OSMOccupational Safety Management (various organizations)
OSMOpen Source Matters
OSMOncostatin M
OSMOrder and Service Management (Oracle)
OSMOutput Switch Matrix
OSMObject Space Modifier
OSMOff Screen Model
OSMOutlook Security Manager
OSMOut of Sequence Mode
OSMOptical Scroll Mouse
OSMOperating System Memory
OSMOriginal Storage Manufacturer
OSMOpen Source Middleware
OSMOptiswitch Master
OSMOnline System Manager
OSMOptical Storage Manager
OSMOptical Services Module
OSMon Site Maintenance
OSMOpen Source Migrations
OSMOpen Study Model (Honda)
OSMOff-Site Manufacturing
OSMOne Saturday Morning (TV program)
OSMOperating Systems and Middleware (computing)
OSMOn Screen Menu
OSMOutsourced Sales and Marketing
OSMOregon Steel Mills, Inc.
OSMOffice of Spectrum Management
OSMOns Soort Mensen (Dutch: people like us; opposite of VN)
OSMOptical Switch Module
OSMOperational Service Medal (UK)
OSMOrganisation Science and Marketing (various locations)
OSMOperations Support Manager
OSMOptical Service Module (Cisco Systems)
OSMOrder of St. Michael (chivalric order)
OSMOne Square Meal (Brand)
OSMOrder of the Secret Monitor
OSMOperating System Service Module
OSMOrchid Society of Minnesota
OSMOverseas Students Mission (Charlottesville, VA)
OSMObject System Mapping
OSMOf Smoke And Mirrors (band)
OSMOil, Smoke and Mirrors (movie on 911 and Peak Oil)
OSMOutput Space Mapping
OSMOmni Spectra, M/A-Com (Rf Connector)
OSMOceanographic Society of Maldives
OSMOffice Space Management
OSMOff-Site Meeting
OSMOrder of the Servants of Mary, Servites (religious order)
OSMOffice of Safety Management
OSMThe Original SoupMan (Staten Island, NY; est. 1984)
OSMOptical Service Manager (Lucent)
OSMOptical Strength Meter
OSMOffice of Safety and Mission Assurance (NASA)
OSMOutput Signal Management
OSMOperating System Manual
OSMOptical Selector Mechanism
OSMOptical Surveillance Measure
OSMOrdinis Servorum/Servarum Mariae (Latin: Order of Servants of Mary)
OSMOral Satisfaction Market
OSMOperations Support Medical
OSMOperating Speed Model
OSMOperational Satcom Manager
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Since the first earthquake struck Nepal on 25th April, 3569 volunteers mappers from around the world have edited 62058 maps, 26954 segments of road and 228281 buildings in the Open Street Map database, with volunteer efforts coordinated by the Humanitarian Open Street Map Team.
The difference is that with Open Street Maps you find mapping professionals out there contributing real and usable Geographical Information System (GIS) data, whereas with Google Maps regular users are the ones who might add information.
But if projects like Open Street Map, which has been around for a decade, are an indication of the potential of large-scale crowdsourcing for disaster relief, MapSwipe could actually help humanitarian organizations save lives.
The vector road network file for Pakistan was downloaded from website Open Street Map;6 a free to use website that operates under open license and provides vector World map created by volunteers.
Por ejemplo, despues el terremoto de abril pasado en Ecuador, las plataformas Ushahidi y Open Street map permitieron recopilar y categorizar avisos emitidos por los usuarios con su descripcion y localizacion geografica asi como actualizar los mapas de las zonas mas afectadas para facilitar la llegada de ayuda
Google Maps, Google Earth, Virtual Earth, and Open Street Maps provide structured environments where the user may take advantage of a data-gathering and display infrastructure to contribute data or volunteer effort to a commercial or open-data environment.
Simple-to-use infrastructures that use Google Maps, Open Street Maps, or similar frameworks make it easy to add those observations to a map, and to attach notes or information to the location.
Adding or correcting locations, names, and characteristics of features on a map base such as Google Maps or Open Street Maps is a type of spatially referenced data but there are many other types including complete datasets of various kinds such as the examples mentioned previously.
Figure 9 shows the values of the norm of the vector [Expresion matematica irreproducible.] subtracted by one of three different reparemeterizarions performed upon a curve of a global route constructed by the waypoints from Open Street Maps. The blue curve represents the reparameterization quality performed with the 107 processed waypoints.
The norm of the vector [Expresion matematica irreproducible.] subtracted by one as function of the arc length distance a of the global route curve constructed with the waypoints provided by Open Street Maps
By the presented in this article, it is possible to conclude that is necessary a prior processing of the original waypoints provided by the on-line maps and route planning Open Street Maps and Google Maps in order to achieve a representative curve of the global route and to perform a satisfactory reparameterization to the arc length s of the constructed curve.
The MMP is a collaboration between MSF and the British Red Cross, as well as the Humanitarian Open Street Maps Team.