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OYMOn Your Mind
OYMOut of Your Mind!
OYMOffice of Youth Ministry
OYMOpen Your Mind
OYMOhio Yearly Meeting (Quakers)
OYMOutstanding Young Member (National Association of Agricultural Educators)
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'You poor deluded girl,' she said, 'don't you see that you can't open your mind to particular suspicions of one of the two, without opening your mind to general suspicions of the other?
Now that you are here in a country that has the type of people you despise so much, I hope that you open your mind to see that all the hatred you have been carrying for more than 70 years of your life has been wrong.
5 Travel and open your mind. I took my children round the world.
OPEN YOUR MIND: Emila Alis, six, reflects on the new Underwater Street activitycentre in the Cunard Building, while, left, Alexandra Birkenhead, six, paints a Mini car.
If not, ask God to open your mind. The key to understanding the written Word is knowing the Living Word - Jesus.
Open Your Mind And Say "Aha": The Guide To Discovering Your Healing Powers by Leonard Torok (Medical Director of Ohio Holistic Medicine and the President of the Ohio State Homeopathic Medical Society) offers the reader a comprehensive understanding of the universal power of self healing.
But there's more than music - open your mind with various alternative therapies or even some of the specially flavoured cakes on sale at the festival.