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OSOSOne Stop Operating System (computer data base used by government employment agencies)
OSOSOpen-Source Operating System
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All are based on Samsung's own Bada smartphone platform, an open-source operating system incorporating the latest innovations in mobile communications and on-the-go entertainment.
The certification of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 5.3 through NIAP's Common Criteria Evaluation and Validation Scheme (CCEVS) adds another open-source operating system to atsec's portfolio of more than 60 OS evaluations during the course of the last decade.
A new Google open-source operating system, also called Chrome, could be running Internet-centric computers like netbooks as early as the second half of next year.
The choice of an open-source operating system that allows user-modification, along with the lack of a hardware keyboard, and the availability of an endless amount of applications that add or tweak the handset's functionality, makes the HTC handset seem to fit a more geeky, tech-savvy audience, as opposed to the traditional business segment of the market, where the Blackberry is preferred for its stable and secure handling of email and reliable connectivity with corporate mail networks.
To begin with, Google will first introduce Google OS on netbook laptops, sometime in 2010 as an advanced browser that integrates with the Linux open-source operating system. Web-hosted application that run on this OS will be ready, from many developers and these applications will also probably run in other browsers and on other operating systems (including Windows or Mac OS X), due to Google s reliance on open web standards.
Google is developing an open-source operating system targeted at Internet-centric computers such as netbooks and will release it later this year, the company has said.
He's talking about using Linux, an open-source operating system, on the ministry's computers.
His first steps toward narrowing the gap were to enter into an agreement with IBM to boost government use of the open-source operating system Linux, replacing Microsoft's proprietary Windows, and to move toward replacing proprietary software on Brazil's more than 400,000 electronic voting machines.
While the majority of the world's computers run some version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, there's another giant out there as well: the open-source operating system known as Linux.
The scalable GSP technology is built on an open-architecture cluster of parallel, off-the-shelf, general-purpose processors using Linux, an open-source operating system. The term "scalable" describes the ability of the control software to recognize and utilize the available processors, whether one, 10 or hundreds.
While the infrastructures will utilize an operating system developed by IP Telecom on the basis of Linux, the system, called Nature's Linux, has reduced problems caused by the original open-source operating system, such as the instability of computer systems and the high cost of maintaining them.
The latest Japanese probe comes in the face of a growing threat in Asia from the free Linux open-source operating system. Asian countries have become increasingly wary of their dependence on Microsoft Windows to power their computers and networks, recently citing susceptibility of the software to viruses and hacking attacks.