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OpenCLOpen Computing Language
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This is also partly due to the fact that CUDA is tailored to the architecture of NVIDIA products, while OpenCL represents in some sense a reasonable compromise between different many-core architectures.
Solution for this comes in 2008 when was released Open Computing Language (OpenCL) by Khronos Group consortium whose members were AMD, nVidia, IBM and Intel.
Khronos standards include Vulkan, OpenGL, OpenGLES, OpenGLSC, WebGL, SPIR-V, OpenCL, SYCL, OpenVX, NNEF, COLLADA, OpenXR, 3D Commerce and glTF.
In this paper, we improve the FPGA architecture and implement it using a "C-like" programming language called "OpenCL" (open computing language) [16].
This includes support for the Khronos OpenGL ES 3.2*, 3.1/2.0/1.1, Vulkan 1.0* and OpenCL 1.1/1.2* Full Profile APIs.
It's not at all clear why Otoy would want to translate native CUDA into many of the APIs that Urbach lists - no games that I'm aware of leverage OpenCL or CUDA for any kind of tasks, and neither AMD nor Nvidia have talked about using either language for this purpose.
Combined with existing support for AMD FreeSync, AMD Mantle, HSA features heterogeneous queuing (hQ) and heterogeneous uniform memory access (hUMA) as enabled by OpenCL 2.0 applications, and OpenGL 4.4, AMD A-Series APUs stand ready to increase value to end users for popular gaming titles and mainstream productivity applications today and tomorrow.
Each taking a chapter, they cover Houdini: multithreading existing software, the Presto Execution System, designing for multithreading, LibEE: parallel evaluation of character rigs, simulating fluids on the CPU, simulating bullet physics with OpenCL, and OpenSubdiv: interoperating GPU compute and drawing.
Ace Thought has a team of highly experienced and innovative engineers, constantly working on delivering excellence in software engineering services in high performance computing (HPC), Parallel Computing, OpenCL kernel development, Audio/Video codec development & optimization, Application development on Android & iOS and Multimedia Middleware Integration using Media Frameworks, Streaming Protocols & Audio/Video Codecs.