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OpenGLOpen Graphics Library
OpenGLOpen Graphics Language
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At Google IO in June 2014, Google announced support for OpenGL ES 3.
These extensions will be absorbed into the core of a future version of OpenGL when this functionality is proven and widely adopted.
I have personally put a great deal of effort into the definition of OpenGL ES SC 1.
The OpenGL Vizserver experiment used commercial visualization software based on OpenGL Performer and focused on optimizing frame rates across various distances.
OpenGL is the premier environment for developing 2D and 3D visual applications on systems ranging from consumer PCs to graphics workstations and supercomputers.
OpenGL Volumizer also introduces volumetric primitives - the breakthrough concept which enables the mixing of volume objects with geometric objects in the same scene, the deformation of the shape of a volume and the specification of arbitrarily shaped regions of interest.
The standardized, cross-platform and forward-looking OpenGL Shading Language is exactly what we need to bring the power of the LightWorks rendering toolkit to graphics hardware and we're happy to support 3Dlabs while they drive the OpenGL initiative," said Slawomir Kilanowski, chief technology manager at LightWork Design.
4 version of OpenGL Performer is the first Linux release that contains a multithreaded version of the product, driving true multiprocess performance for OpenGL Performer and the many applications worldwide that run on it.
NASDAQ:SUNW) have agreed to cooperate on developing Java bindings to the OpenGL application-programming interface (API).