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OpenGLOpen Graphics Library
OpenGLOpen Graphics Language
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These low-level APIs are quite different from previous versions of OpenGL and DirectX.
The following OpenGL extensions are automatically used when supported by the system: ARB_bindless_texture, ARB_gpu_shader_int64, ARB_gpu_shader5, memory info, and various robustness extensions to recover from driver crashes: ARB_robustness, ARB_robust_buffer_access_behavior, and ARB_create_context-robustness as provided by SDL.
OpenGL is a cross-platform Open Graphic Library that includes rendering-related functionality.
Khronos standards include Vulkan, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, WebGL, OpenCL, SPIR, SPIR-V, SYCL, WebCL, OpenVX, EGL, COLLADA, and glTF.
At Google IO in June 2014, Google announced support for OpenGL ES 3.1 in the Android L Developer Preview together with the Android Extension Pack (AEP).
Keywords: mapping simulator, path finding, iRobot Roomba, OpenGL
The OpenGL SC application programming interface (API) runs on SmartFusion's integrated ARM processor, enabling developers to easily create graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for standard or customized LCD displays.
In addition to OpenGL 4.1 support, the Linux version of the Catalyst 11.1 driver also introduces support for the production version of RHEL 6 or the early-look version of RHEL 5.6.
Edge360 is supported by the newly released Monotype Imaging's iType font engine version 5.0 and works on devices such as smartphones and tablets that support OpenGL ES 2.0 hardware acceleration technology.
iPhone 3D programming; developing graphical applications with OpenGL ES.
The solution features a unified pipeline for OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenGL ES 1.x based 3D graphics and supports real-time streaming of data, vertex and fragment shaders, multi-texturing and dynamic lighting.
The Khronos Group announced today the release of the OpenGL 4.1 specification, which has been defined by Khronos' OpenGL Architecture Review Board (ARB).