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OpenSSHOpen Secure Shell
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The attacker can exploit the heap corruption in OpenSSH at the gateway server to obtain root access privileges.
Centrify Express comprises: DirectControl Express for Active Directory-based authentication and single sign-on; DirectManage Express for centrally discovering and managing non-Windows systems, deploying Centrify software, and administering local Linux accounts; Centrify-enabled versions of OpenSSH, PuTTY and Samba for optimized remote access and file-sharing leveraging Active Directory; Centrify Insight, a Splunk-based application for integrating identity and access management (IAM) with security information and event management (SIEM), as well as providing operational intelligence regarding cross-platform systems; and Centrify Cloud Tools for securing Linux systems deployed in the cloud.
Centrify-enabled OpenSSH guarantees support for GSS Key Exchange on all platforms in order to establish trust between hosts, a feature which is not part of the standard OpenSSH distribution.
Instructions are given for installing OpenSSH Server, controlling the SSH server, and configuring SSH to minimize threats.
Open-source packages like OpenSSL and OpenSSH are considered among the best implementations of those security protocols available, and the best part is that they are free to use.
SSH Tectia ConnectSecure is the newest addition to the SSH Tectia product family, which enables enterprises to implement high-performance secure file transfers, secure application connectivity and secure system administration throughout heterogeneous networks and is compatible with any commercial SSH or OpenSSH environment.
Vulnerable components include the Mac implementation of OpenSSH, Apache, CUPS, Kerberos and ClamAV.
- Secure communications: in addition to SSL/TLS and IPSec, OpenSSH and Kerberos are available
Tecnologias de servidor, bases de datos y seguridad: Iptables (1.3.5); MySQL (4.1.12); OpenSSH (4.3.p1); PHP (5.0.4); PostgreSQL (8.0.3); Samba (3.0.21); SendMail (8.13.5)