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OpenURLOpen Uniform Resource Locator
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SFX is an XML-based product that was not only built on the OpenURL framework, it was the technology for which OpenURL was originally defined and thus was the first OpenURL-based link resolver on the market.
These users can choose from a number of services, ranging from direct links to full text, to OpenURL resolvers, to patron ILL or access to an e-book, depending on what their library has enabled.
Trip also offers OpenURL linking to hundreds of institutional full-text collections.
So, librarians are now providing portals and setting up OpenURL link resolvers that allow patrons easy access to both library and web-based services.
Accustomed to the ease of Google, user expectations are driving the development of new technologies (DOI) and new standards (OpenURL) for linking that will make connecting to full text across multiple systems a seamless experience.
This solution would function by running data mining processes (so-called "smart agents") against a generic, public syntax (OpenURL) resource identification system, by utilizing an identified local "resolver" machine to validate and give the location of items, and by employing extensible metadata syntax to standardize and store query data from a variety of metadata formats.
Discussion includes: the importance of staff enthusiasm for maintaining the momentum to solve workflow problems and overcome technical obstacles in managing e-journals; the less immediate benefits of e-journals; library acquisitions; three ways library users approach journals, and the need for libraries to support all these approaches by intelligently choosing their e-journal access approaches; access to e-journals through Web pages and Web-based online catalogs; the database approach for providing access; levels of access; the OpenURL standard; and outsourcing.
ISI ResearchSoft has released Reference Manager 10 Network Version, an upgrade that features links from Reference Manager to two new research tools: visualization software from OmniViz, Inc., and the OpenURL standard.
Even though OpenURL resolvers and journals A-Z lists originated separately (Wilson 2016)--each using a KB to note full-text holdings for a library--it's safe to assume synonymity among KB, a journals A-Z list, and resolver terminology.
OpenURL links to PubMed records have been added to many references.
Chances are, the vast majority of content that your users discover using your discovery system is delivered via your OpenURL link resolver.