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OBBOberbayern (German: Upper Bavaria)
OBBOpaque Binary Blob (computing)
OBBOptus Business Broadband
OBBon Board Buffering
OBBOne Button Backup
OBBOhio Benefit Bank
OBBOriented Bounding Box (computer physics simulation collision detection)
OBBOutback Bowl (college football)
OBBOld Blue Box (Ragnarok Online Game)
OBBOffbeat Bride (book and website)
OBBOrange Book Blog (Aaron Barkoff)
OBBOpen Buy Back (securities)
OBBOpening Billboard (broadcast industry)
OBBOld Battleship (US Navy)
OBBOrganizational Buying Behavior
OBBOpen Bulletin Board (PHP forum software)
OBBOriental Body Balance (integrative medicine)
OBBOld Bike Barn (Champlain, NY motorcycle parts retailer)
OBBOblique Broad Broad (calligraphy)
OBBOdell & Booth Brothers (pottery)
OBBOriginal Bidet Bottle
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"Sir Tony Mabesa was kind enough to lend his talents to us and perform in one of our opening billboard segments.
Why do news anchors bare their brightest, widest smiles in their OBB (opening billboard) at the start of their newscasts?
Hope lies in the strength and spirit of the mother and in some reconnection with tradition and the Place of Healing (which looks like the opening billboard).