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OIOwens-Illinois, Inc. (glass container and plastics manufacturer)
OIOriental Institute
OIOral Irrigator (dentistry)
OIOpen Interest (finance)
OIOsteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bone bisease)
OIOperation Ivy (Ska band)
OIOpenindiana (open source computing)
OIOutside in (Frisbee throw)
OIOffice of Investigations
OIOld Irish (dialect)
OIOpportunistic Infection
OIOceanology International (periodic conference and trade show)
OIOperating Income
OIOffice of Information
OIOptical Illusion
OIOxfam International (UK)
OIOperator Interface
OIOvulation Induction (fertility treatment)
OIOptimist International (St. Louis, MO)
OIOther Insurance
OIOptimum Interpolation
OIOrdinary Income (US IRS)
OIOxygen Index
OIOpportunity International (Oak Brook, IL)
OIOffice of Intelligence (USCS)
OIOratorical Interpretatioin (high school forensics)
OIOperating Instruction
OIOff Invoice (promotion)
OIOrphans International
OIOperations Interface
OIOrcas Island (Washington)
OIObjeto Indirecto (Spanish grammar)
OIOsmose Inverse (French: Reverse Osmosis)
OIOptical Isolator (Telcordia)
OIOre Ida (food brand)
OIOptical Interface
OIOther Investigation (US IRS)
OIOutside Information
OIOpening Instructions
OIOperations Integration
OIOckenden International (UK registered charity)
OIOperational Instruction
OIOpto-Isolator (electronics)
OIOffice Interface
OIOperational Issue
OIOperational Instrumentation
OIOrganization Identifier (ASN.1)
OIOpportunity Illuminator (radar)
OIOutput Isolation
OIOrder for Information (EPA)
OIOperator Interrupt (telecommunications)
OIOutline of Investigation
OIOrganizational Integrator
OIOrganization Indicator
OIOptical Improvements
OIOptical Improved
OIOFISA Informatique (Lausanne, Switzerland)
OIOrganizationally Impaired
OIOutreach International, Inc. (Independence, MO)
OIOrbit Infotech (New Delhi, India)
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The flee app lets instrument engineers and maintenance technicians quickly download specific documentation such as operating instructions and technical information for Endress+Hauser instruments and analyzers or data from the Endress+Hauser Life Cycle Management program.
THE TOPIC: In Operating Instructions, single mother Anne Lamottvw chronicled the first year--by turns terrible, wonderful, and eye-opening--of her son Sam.
It contains lubricating, cleaning, inspection and operating instructions. PMCS charts alone won't give you the lowdown on equipment characteristics and data, descriptions and use of vehicle controls.
Since Salvo is a global product, with installations across five continents, the operating instructions on the SCP+ have been redesigned to allow understanding regardless of local language.
The sash is clearly labeled with all operating instructions and illustrations.
Architecture and town planning operating instructions; saving architecture might save the Italian economy.
He said: "If a buggy is folded or unfolded in line with operating instructions, the risk of injury is non-existent."
The instrument comes ready to use with carrying case with zero plates, calibration certificate, operating instructions and batteries.
The DOE said that at no time was reactor safety compromised, bur the agency charges that violations in the incident include failures to adhere to technical safety requirements and reactor operating instructions, inadequacies in the reactor operating instructions, and failure to adequately conduct management assessments in reactor operations.
Able UK Holdings representatives admitted the two offences and said the first was due to a struggle to get sufficient cover material to the asbestos cell because of an equipment breakdown.On the second occasion a sub-contractor did not follow safe operating instructions.
A TEENAGE fairground worker paid with his life for disobeying operating instructions on a ride, a sheriff has ruled.
Operating instructions are located on the ramp as well as the handle.