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OLOrdered List (HTML)
OLOffice Lady (English term used in everyday Japanese for working unmarried young lady)
OLOfficial Language
OLOlympique Lyonnais (French football team)
OLOffensive Lineman (football)
OLOldham (postcode, United Kingdom)
OLOff Limits
OLOlympiske Leker (Norwegian: Olympic Games)
OLOutside Linebacker (football)
OLOnline Learning (also seen as OLL)
OLObjective Lens
OLOutland (gaming, World of Warcraft)
OLOperation Lifesaver
OLOpen Learning
OLOffer Letter (human resources)
OLOpen Loop
OLOzone Layer
OLOff List (subject line of offlist posts to mailing lists)
OLOld Latin
OLOvertime Loss (hockey; soccer)
OLOrientation Leader (education)
OLOuter Loop (Beltway)
OLLocal Official (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
OLOrganizational Level
OLOperating License
OLOptimum Level
OLOperating Level
OLOver Limit (electronics)
OLOperating Location
OLOverhead Line
OLOperating Limit
OLOberleitung (German catenary)
OLOffice Leader
OLOrder of the Laurel (Society for Creative Anachronism)
OLOperational Logistics
OLOrdinary Leave
OLOffensive Linebacker (football)
OLOulu railway station, Finland (standard station code)
OLOrienting Line
OLOc'ulus Lae'vus (Left Eye)
OLOrange Logic LLC
OLOrganic Silts of Low Plasticity (soil type)
OLÖsterreichicher Lloyd
OLO'Fallon Library (O'Fallon, IL)
OLOutline and Load (drawings)
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CJTF-HOA is responsible for missions and military members at operating locations in all countries in its assigned area of responsibility.
Afghanistan's ruling Taliban and al Qaeda terrorist targets were far from the United States' permanent forward bases, such as those in Saudi Arabia and on the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, so new operating locations had to be established in the theater essentially from scratch.
By centralizing the record collection process, fewer individuals assume responsibility for assuring correct and complete records are in place at each operating location. This improves program administration and compliance assurance.
Los 3.2 substations operating location Kesselsdorf, base Zeithain (ENSO);
Following Department of Defense public affairs guidance, I will have to say the team is at "an operating location in support of the U.S.
Total quantity or scope: In all four lots the required number KTW within the owning and operating times to cover the needs are of the Contractor to occupy (basic needs, long-distance journeys as well as exceptionally first-responder operations) and use as well as provide the operating location to accommodate the wearer~s own KTW and staff.
Officially, the team is located at "an operating location in support of the U.S.
Afotec Hq Is Located At Kirtland Afb, Nm And Has Operating Locations At Joint Base San Antonio (Lackland), Tx (Ol-Kt) And Nellis Afb, Nv (Ol-Nn).
6 October 2017 - California, US-based Hispanic supermarket chain Cardenas Markets has acquired seven operating locations of Phoenix, US-based of supermarket network Los Altos Ranch Market to expand into the Arizona, US market, the company said.
In May 1994 the DFAS began further consolidation that resulted in 25 DFAS locations--the 5 DFAS finance and accounting centers and 20 new DFAS operating locations. A twenty-sixth site subsequently was established in Hawaii to consolidate Pacific Theater operations.
The agreement covers implementation services for SAP Business One, SAP's integrated business management solution for small and mid-size enterprises, subsidiaries and operating locations of large enterprises in the US.
Subway can now boast more than 23,000 open and operating locations worldwide, including more than 400 restaurants in the United Kingdom.