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ORHOxford Radcliffe Hospitals (UK)
ORHOdyssey Re Holdings
ORHOffice of Rural Health (various locations)
ORHOrlando Regional Healthcare (network; Florida)
ORHWorcester, MA, USA - Worcester /James D O'Brien Field (Airport Code)
ORHOperation Restore Hope
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Now on its 20th year of partnership with Operation Restore Hope, Alay sa Kinabukasan ng Kapwa Pilipino Foundation, Inc.
Hopton hopes the outcome of the 'Operation Restore Hope' will be starting a new political dialogue and negotiation in order to stop the violence and the killings.
The "go big" option ended Operation Provide Relief (August28-December 8, 1992) and began Operation Restore Hope. As everyone now knows, our commitment to Somalia grew rapidly to more than 28,000 troops, stumbled badly during the "Blackhawk Down" era of October 1993--a shining moment of heroism by Americans in battle--and ultimately failed.
The first President Bush announced on December 4, 1992 that he was offering the United Nations 30,000 American troops for the "humanitarian" mission that would be known as Operation Restore Hope. Anyone who has seen the film Blackhawk Down is aware of the hopeless quagmire into which our troops were thrust.
During the 1993 deployment, the wing also supported Operation Restore Hope in Somalia.
Set in Somalia in 1993, "Delta Force -- Black Hawk Down" is based upon and around the Operation Restore Hope and Task Force Ranger campaigns and follows members of the elite Delta Force and US Army Rangers as they participate in a number of daring raids against the oppressive Somali warlords in and around Mogadishu.
As the casualties mounted people back home began to ask, "What are we doing in Somalia anyway?" Four out of five Americans supported Operation Restore Hope when it started; ten months later, two thirds of the U.S.
They'd do any old horrible thing they wanted and benignly name it some operation--"Operation Restore Hope (Bob, That Is)," "Operation Just Cause (We Felt Like It)."
The Los Angeles Times--but not the New York Times--reported that the real reason for "Operation Restore Hope" was oil.
Operation Restore Hope in Somalia left the Pentagon with $7 50 million in bills.
Just getting into Somalia was half the battle for military personnel involved in the recent Operation Restore Hope effort.
As much as anything, Operation Restore Hope is a public-relations exercise in demonstrating the West's capacity for self-sacrifice.
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