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OA/SOperator Control Station
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Mold vibration uses electronic servo drives, which offer the capability to change the motor speed/frequency on the fly from the operator control station. That feature contributes to the Servopac Series' extension of mold life by up to 50 percent compared to V3-12 machines.
has an eight-year, firm fixed-fee contract valued at approximately $100 million for the production of masted surveillance suites and accompanying operator control stations, as well as program engineering and service support.
All electrical and hydraulic systems are bedmounted, and the operator control station is mounted on the front guard, reducing the machine's footprint to the minimum.
* Operator Control Station--The operator control station is located in the rear of the truck and has all the gauges, switches, controls, displays, etc., necessary to operate the unit.
CTX hardware comprises a conveyor gantry, X-ray tube chamber, CT scan chamber and an operator control station. Once through the X-ray chamber, baggage mores into the CT chamber, where processors use the X-ray data to compute findings into CT slices.
Comes complete with 10hp motor, variable frequency inverter, an 8-inch diameter basket-2.5 liter media capacity; turbo-style propeller and operator control station.
The pre-wired operator control station makes installation simple, according to the company.
The throttle control features a remote operator control station, a high--resolution digital actuator and closed-loop control of actuator position engine speed and more.
Battenfeld is also showing a new version of its CDC hydraulic presses (16.5 to 220 tons), in which the operator control station has been moved to a position between two safety gates covering the mold area and nozzle area.
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