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OFPTOffshore Fraud Projects Team (UK)
OFPTOperator Form (of) Perturbation Theory
OFPTOptical Fibre Protection Tubing (Miniflex)
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AirAsia, Indonesia airport operator form partnership for Clark bid !-- -- Richmond Mercurio (The Philippine Star) - September 11, 2018 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines .
On the other hand, [[Z.sub.[sigma]] | [sigma] [member of] [GAMMA]} is total in [S.sub.q](M), and condition (1) equivalent to <<[T.sub.n]([Z.sub.[sigma]]), [Z.sub.[tau]])) converges in C for any [sigma], [tau] [member of] [GAMMA], so there exists a linear operator form [S.sub.q](M) to [S.sup.*.sub.q] (M) such that, for any [xi], [eta] [member of] [S.sub.q](M), we have
We proceed from this block diagram to the vector equations of state in the operator form:
Considering operator form of coordinate and momentum
The equation (2.3) can be written in an operator form as follows
As it is known, the closed subsets of any closure operator form a complete lattice with respect to the inherited partial order from the underlying complete lattice structure (in this case P(B)).
We now rewrite (4) in the local fractional operator form as follows:
'I think they will do well on Sunday and we will all be in the pub spurring them on.' Dean Thomas, 36, a machine operator form Merthyr Tydfil.
(TSX:TRL) is the parent company of Trilogy International Partners LLC, a wireless telecommunications operator formed in 2005.
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