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OPHOffice of Public Health
OPHOld Police Headquarters (San Diego, CA)
OPHOsborne Park Hospital (Australia)
OPHOld Parliament House (Canberra, ACT, Australia museum)
OPHOriginal Pancake House (restaurant chain)
OPHOrganophosphorus Hydrolase
OPHOperation Politically Homeless (Libertarian Party outreach program)
OPHOrthopedic Physically Challenged
OPHOtto Petersen Haus (Aachen, Germany)
OPHOne Person Health Sciences, Inc (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
OPHOpen Public Hearing
OPHOromocto Public Hospital (New Brunswick, Canada)
OPHOld People Home
OPHOxidized Polyvinyl Alcohol Hydrolase
OPHOrders Per Hour
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His team's data also indicates that the cloud around 51 Oph is 100,000 times more dense than the dust cloud circling the Solar System.
Instability in the accretion disk around the white dwarf periodically causes the binary system to brighten radically, bringing RS Oph to dim naked-eye visibility.
OPH also provides consumers with industry first comparison shopping features allowing them to review, sort and compare products by numerous criteria including price, brand, form of ingredient, animal free, dairy free, gluten free or yeast free.
Focusing on nutritional analysis and informatics, OPH incorporates complex nutrition, genetic, drug nutrient interaction, medical condition, and lifestyle information into its evidence-based health assessment programs and personalized product recommendations and offerings.
The new OPH OneAdvisor(TM) process starts with OPH's proprietary Personal Nutrition Health Assessment which asks consumers 70 detailed questions related to their health, diet, lifestyle, medical conditions, and medications.
After analyzing the prescriptions currently being used by an individual, OPH provides up to date information on known interactions and nutrient deficiencies associated with the selected medications.
Cleaning and clearing of housing in the housing groups of the oph perpignan mediterranean based on perpignan and its agglomeration.
Compulsory mutual health insurance contract for all employees covered by the oph statute and with optional membership for agents in the territorial public service -land only.
conditions for opening tenders date: 10/11/2017 local time: 11:00 square: Oph of chteaudun.
conditions for opening tenders date: 07/11/2017 local time: 14:00 square: Oph of the cher - 14 rue jean jacques rousseau - 18000 bourges.