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OPCCOPCC (not an acronym; formerly Ocean Park Community Center; Santa Monica, CA)
OPCCOffice of the Police Complaint Commissioner
OPCCOpinion of Probable Construction Cost
OPCCOffutt Processing & Correlation Center (US DoD)
OPCCOverland Park Christian Church (Kansas)
OPCCOrchard Park Country Club (New York)
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The project will be performed in two phases: Phase 1 will consist of building a model of the system to explore alternate improvements along with Engineer Opinion of Probable Construction Cost for each alternative and Phase 2 will be the implementation of the chosen alternative to the system.
Each submittal shall include an opinion of probable construction cost.
Said preliminary engineering and final engineering construction documents shall include but not be limited to: topographic and boundary surveys, geotechnical investigation, hydraulics and hydrology including determination of any applicable bridge/multiple box culvert system, street lights including coordination with the electric provider, identification of utility conflicts, required utility adjustments and replacements, coordination with utility companies, determination of ROW/easement acquisition, preparation of ROW/easement acquisition metes/bounds and sketch, preliminary and final engineer s opinion of probable construction cost, project manual and any other items necessary to successfully construct this project.
Present Engineers Recommendations In A Preliminary Design Memorandum That Includes, As Appropriate, Schematic Layouts, Sketches, Conceptual Design Criteria, Construction Methods And Materials, And Opinion Of Probable Construction Costs.
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