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OPISOil Price Information Service
OPISOperational Programme Information Society (Greece)
OPISOcean Planning Information System (US NOAA)
OPISOnline Parcel Information System (North Carolina)
OPISOnline Procurement Information System
OPISOnline Planning Information Service
OPISOptical Path Integration Solutions (Alliance Fiber Optic Products, Inc.)
OPISOnline Product Information System
OPISOil Production Information System
OPISOperational Satellite Improvement Program
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Every day, OPIS publishes spot prices for all refined products, more than 30,000 wholesale gasoline and diesel rack prices and more than 130,000 retail fuel prices (www.
Founded in 1977, OPIS is a leader in petroleum, natural gas liquids, refinery feedstock and bio-fuels news and pricing.
According to OPIS, the publication will also offer market news and analysis, plant profitability numbers and pricing on gasoline blendstocks.
Platts unveiled an agreement to acquire peer OPIS in December without disclosing the financial terms, but said then that the move would bolster its market share and strengthen its position in North America.
IHS Chairman and CEO Jerre Stead said: Specifically, OPIS is the leader in the rack and retail downstream refined products pricing and it also has a strong position in the spot market.