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OPPIDUMObservation des Produits Psychotropes Illicites ou Détournés de leur Utilisation Médicamenteuse (Survey of drug abuse, France)
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An Oppidum spokesman previously said: "The bunker will be able to provide long-term accommodation for residents - up to 10 years if necessary - without the need for external supplies."
Hemos visto que, desde su ubicacion precisa, un recinto de caracter defensivo, sumado a la potente fase de reorganizacion de las estructuras defensivas del poblado y a la construccion de una villa en el pie del oppidum en este momento, ayudan a calibrar la magnitud de su alcance.
Likewise, civitas, urbs, ecclesia, and even castrum are all translated as "city," while civitas and urbs are also rendered as "town," as is oppidum. Castrum, castellum, and munitio all become "fort," "fortification," of "fortress" rather interchangeably.
Oppidum Judaeorum: Zydzi w przestrzeni miejskiej dawnej Rzeczypospolitej [Jews in the urban space of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth].
loc.: "Habitat ad margines agrorum inter oppidum Bicorp et fontem salsum. as 'doorgaans die slaven met vier werden verbrand, die het welweesen haren heeren hebben laagen geleijd.' For the section on arsonists, the landdrost goes on to quote the Latin text of the following section of the Digest verbatim (I retain the punctuation in the text): incendiarii capite puniuntur, qui ob inimicitias, vel praedae causa, intra oppidum, et plerumque vivi exuruntur, followed by a translation: 'brandstigters werden aan den galge gestraft, die uijt vijandschap of uijt oorsaak van roof, binne een plek brandstigten, en se worden gemeenlijk levendig verbrand.' It is notable that Berg has not taken note of the specification of arson within a built-up area.
Some of the notable recent works on the History of Paris are: the twenty-one volumes of the Nouvelle histoire de Paris, which extends from Paul-Marie Duval, De Lutece oppidum a Paris capitale de la France (Paris, 1993) to Jean Bastie, Paris de 1945 a 2000 (Paris, 2000); Alfred Fierro, Histoire et dictionnaire de Paris (Paris, 1996); Bernard Marchand, Paris, histoire d'une ville, XIXe-XX siecle (Paris, 1993); Johannes Willms, Paris: Capital of Europe: From the Revolution to the Belle Epoque (New York, 2002); Patrice Higonnet, Paris: Capital of the World (Cambridge, Massachusetts and London, 2002); Philip Mansell, Paris Between Empires, 1814-1852: Monarchy and Revolution (London, 2001).