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The spectrum sensing for detecting spectrum holes is the precondition for opportunistic spectrum access. However, the existing spectrum sensing techniques has to face one main challenge: wideband sensing which is hard to be implemented for the main reason of hardware limitations [3].
However, lately this concept became indiscernibly tied into the broader context of opportunistic spectrum access (Zhao 2007) and therefore will not be separately addressed in the following discussion.
"Opportunistic spectrum access (OSA) is now increasingly seen as a necessity to meet the growing demands of wireless applications," the researchers say in the paper, "SpecNet: Spectrum Sensing Sans FrontiE res."
Opportunistic spectrum access (OSA) has recently drawn great attention as a promising technique for solving the spectrum shortage [1,2].
It is assumed that there exists an opportunistic spectrum access environment where each user is working to realize its own benefit.
The identification of idle slots for opportunistic spectrum access in GSM band should work even for low signal to noise ratio.
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[9] propose a correlated equilibrium concept for users to have the distributive opportunistic spectrum access. Wang et al.
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