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Compared with the existing asymmetric interference works, we focused on the channel selection problem in opportunistic spectrum access and solved it in a game-theoretic approach.
Throughput-oriented channel assignment for opportunistic spectrum access networks", Mathematical and Computer Modelling.
Learning-Based opportunistic spectrum access with adaptive hopping transmission strategy.
The identification of idle slots for opportunistic spectrum access in GSM band should work even for low signal to noise ratio.
Decentralized cognitive MAC for opportunistic spectrum access in ad hoc networks: A POMDP framework", Selected Areas in Communications, IEEE Journal on 25.
However, lately this concept became indiscernibly tied into the broader context of opportunistic spectrum access (Zhao 2007) and therefore will not be separately addressed in the following discussion.
In [8], opportunistic spectrum access in MIMO CR network was considered wherein detection operation and transmit power were optimized for maximum throughput under transmission power and detection probability constraints.
Motivated by these techniques, in this paper, we investigate joint opportunistic spectrum access and optimal power allocation strategies for the full duplex single secondary user MIMO (FD-SSU-MIMO) cognitive radio network.
1) We formulate the problem of opportunistic spectrum access with discrete feedback in the dynamic spectrum environment as a non-cooperative game, where the utility function is defined as the expected feedback of each user.
Moreover, none of them considered the opportunistic spectrum access unlicensed ISM band to acquire more capacity.
In [3J, the authors investigated the problem of developing an energy efficient opportunistic spectrum access strategy for a secondary user with energy harvesting capability.
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