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OFEOilfield Equipment
OFEOpportunities for Employment (professional development agency; Canada)
OFEOffice of Film and Entertainment (Florida)
OFEOffice of Fossil Energy
OFEOtwarty Fundusz Emerytalny (Polish)
OFEOtwartego Funduszu Emerytalnego (Polish: Pension Fund)
OFEOn-site Field Engineer
OFEOffice of Financial Empowerment (various locations)
OFEOpen Financial Exchange
OFEOmron Field Engineering Co., Ltd. (Japan)
OFEOwner Furnished Equipment (system integrator bids)
OFEOpenforum Europe
OFEOverflow Enable
OFEOdds For Effectiveness (estimated odds for recruit to make it through 1st year of active service)
OFEOpportunities for Error
OFEOverall Factory Efficiency
OFEOrder For Engagement
OFEOxygen Free Electronic (copper grade)
OFEOil Filtering Equipment
OFEOsteolysis, Familial Expansile
OFEOptical Front End
OFEOverland Flow Element (soil erosion)
OFEOhio Fire Executive
OFEOther Financial Expenses (finance)
OFEOhm Force Experience (band)
OFEOperation Fire Eagle (band)
OFEOther Films Expeditions (film production company)
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Mr Murphy said that the sheer volume of rates demands raised by UK Billing Authorities every year created a staggering number of potential opportunities for error.
Eliminating the need for a loading jig and special washing frames makes the foils easier to use and reduces opportunities for error.
Once entered, a comprehensive and customizable confirmation and verification system eliminates opportunities for error, and, once confirmed, links the order directly to the resources needed to carry it out: pharmacies, therapists, aides, transportation, practitioners, etc.
Cardano himself insisted that the discipline provided many opportunities for error through lack of data or mistaken information, but that other factors also influenced events such as the particular nurture received by individuals and divine will.
The procedure is laborious, time-consuming and creates opportunities for error.
coolant passages (traditionally require drilling or external plumbing) are also cast directly into the block, resulting in less machining and fewer opportunities for error.
New technology can reduce error, but it can also create new opportunities for error," Woods points out.
A typical developer employs 30 to 40 subcontractors on each house - leaving open hundreds of opportunities for error.
Such heavy reliance on the operator for process control multiplies opportunities for error.
He said: "The opportunities for error and for failure to predict and identify an unsuitable person will be endemic in any system of firearms licensing.
It is one thing to ensure the accuracy of labels on traditional museum display cases, but when a museum also chooses to explain its exhibits by means of jousting, archery, hunting and falconry displays, specially made short films and computer interactive battle games, the opportunities for error seem greatly enhanced.
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