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OPOOpenbaar Primair Onderwijs (Dutch: Public Primary Education)
OPOOpen Purchase Order (procurement)
OPOOrgan Procurement Organization
OPOOffice of Procurement Operations (US DHS)
OPOOphthalmic and Physiological Optics (publication; Wiley)
OPOOsaka Philharmonic Orchestra (Japan)
OPOOracle Power Objects
OPOOptical Parametric Oscillator(s)
OPOOffice of the Permanent Observer (Inter-Parliamentary Union)
OPOOvernight Pulse Oximetry (pulmonary disease)
OPOPorto, Portugal - Porto (Airport Code)
OPOOffice of Public Outreach (NASA)
OPOObservation Post Officer
OPOOther People's Opinions
OPOOne Person Operated
OPOOperations Order
OPOOpposite Polarity
OPOOffice of Provincial Outreach
OPOOPNAV Principal Official
OPOOvamboland People's Organization
OPOOffice of Personnel Operations
OPOOrbiter Project Office
OPOOutpatient Observation
OPOPsion OPL Output (executable file extension)
OPOOne Production Only (acting contracts)
OPOOperational Performance Objectives
OPOOrbiting Planetary Observatory
OPOOil Pressure Out
OPOOver-Pressure Operations
OPOOhio Peace Officer
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For the p-i-n structure, the argument was still valid with opposite polarity.
"The sun's polar magnetic fields weaken, go to zero and then emerge again with the opposite polarity. This is a regular part of the solar cycle," rt.com said, noting the statement made by Stanford solar physicist Phil Scherrer.
In my view, abnormal or dysfunctional behaviour can be viewed as a way of being that is fixed within the spectrum of one polarity in such a persistent manner that overshadows the possibility of acknowledging the existence of the opposite polarity. Therapy aims to gradually introduce the client to the possibility of the opposite polarity which might be accompanied by the light of a new perspective on their life.
In some cases, called "curb sending" a shorter pulse of opposite polarity would automatically be transmitted after the pulse which carried information.
Read.me switches can then detect the position of the piston magnets as they pass beneath each switch, as the piston magnets create a stronger magnetic field with opposite polarity to that of the residual magnetism of the cylinder body.
Although we don't really know what happens during these reversals, most geologists think the global dipole field shuts down temporarily, and then it turns back on with opposite polarity. During the time when the field is shut down, Earth would lose its magnetic shield.
The electrical energy of the charged material will excite the passive ioniser, causing it to generate air ions of the opposite polarity. If properly positioned, a passive ioniser can successfully reduce the electrostatic charge.
The handlebar controls complete the look, and Merchant claims, "The 1+2 seating and swing arm rear wheels allowed me to keep the overall length below 100 inches." Even more interesting are the rear hub motors that use hubless wheels and opposite polarity magnets to give Maglev train-like propulsion.
Hence, PP material that generates high charging efficiency with opposite polarity for PVC and XLPE was selected as the material for the charger.
To investigate the effect of electrical stimulation on the attraction of positively or negatively charged cells toward an electric field of opposite polarity, we used unidirectional pulsed current (squared pulse).
Opposite polarity doesn't always diagnose the rhythm as ventricular tachycardia.