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ONSFOptic Nerve Sheath Fenestration (surgical procedure)
ONSFOrdre National des Sages-Femmes
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Objective: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of Optic Nerve Sheath Fenestration (ONSF) in patients with raised intracranial pressure (ICP).
Optic nerve sheath fenestration has an up to 40% complication rate, including visual loss, motility and pupillary dysfunction, and vascular complications.
Trauma to the eye (a blow to the eye in one patient and an optic nerve sheath fenestration in the other) seems to be a common denominator in these cases (10).
Bose is experienced in performing orbital decompression in thyroid eye disease, optic nerve sheath fenestration, muscle surgery in restrictive and paralytic strabismus, lid retraction surgery, Botox injection, and complex surgeries of the head and orbit in association with maxillofacial surgeons and neurosurgeons.
Among specific topics are proper sterilization techniques to avoid complications, a turnaround technique for overcoming false channel dissection during intrastromal segment implantation, amniotic membrane transplantation, intraocular lens implantation in eyes with limited capsular support, and optic nerve sheath fenestration.
Sub-Tenon's block has been used for a large number of corneal and anterior chamber ophthalmic surgical procedures, including cataract surgeries, vitreoretinal surgeries,9 panretinal photocoagulation,10 strabismus surgeries,11 trabeculectomy,12 optic nerve sheath fenestration,13 chronic pain management14 and therapeutic delivery of drugs.