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GigOptix's parallel optical devices are now shipping in production volumes for use in embedded active optical cables (AOCs), pluggables and optical backplanes targeting high speed optical data links for consumer electronics connectivity and applications.
10 -- Researchers at IBM have published a paper at the IEEE's International Electron Devices Meeting, showcasing a feasible method to embed optical data links into power-efficient 90nm silicon microchips, capable of data rates of 25Gbps.
Apogee Photonics is introducing new laser sources designed to meet the rapid demand for very high speed optical data links. In support of standards currently under development by the IEEE 802.3 Higher Speed Study Group, Apogee Photonics is developing a family of uncooled coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) lasers that will support aggregate data rates of more than 100Gb/s.
When coupled with the chromatic dispersion of optical fiber and long propagation distances, frequency chirp can effectuate pulse spreading and overlap between successive bits of information, distorting the encoded optical signal, As the use of long haul optical data links and ever increasing bit-rates becomes more widespread, there will be a requirement for optical sources, which in comparison with semiconductor diode lasers offer high output powers and lower noise characteristics in addition to being chirp-free.
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