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OIOwens-Illinois, Inc. (glass container and plastics manufacturer)
OIOriental Institute
OIOral Irrigator (dentistry)
OIOpen Interest (finance)
OIOsteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bone bisease)
OIOperation Ivy (Ska band)
OIOpenindiana (open source computing)
OIOutside in (Frisbee throw)
OIOffice of Investigations
OIOld Irish (dialect)
OIOpportunistic Infection
OIOceanology International (periodic conference and trade show)
OIOperating Income
OIOffice of Information
OIOptical Illusion
OIOxfam International (UK)
OIOperator Interface
OIOvulation Induction (fertility treatment)
OIOptimist International (St. Louis, MO)
OIOther Insurance
OIOptimum Interpolation
OIOrdinary Income (US IRS)
OIOxygen Index
OIOpportunity International (Oak Brook, IL)
OIOffice of Intelligence (USCS)
OIOratorical Interpretatioin (high school forensics)
OIOperating Instruction
OIOff Invoice (promotion)
OIOrphans International
OIOperations Interface
OIOrcas Island (Washington)
OIObjeto Indirecto (Spanish grammar)
OIOsmose Inverse (French: Reverse Osmosis)
OIOptical Isolator (Telcordia)
OIOre Ida (food brand)
OIOptical Interface
OIOther Investigation (US IRS)
OIOutside Information
OIOpening Instructions
OIOperations Integration
OIOckenden International (UK registered charity)
OIOperational Instruction
OIOpto-Isolator (electronics)
OIOffice Interface
OIOperational Issue
OIOperational Instrumentation
OIOrganization Identifier (ASN.1)
OIOpportunity Illuminator (radar)
OIOutput Isolation
OIOrder for Information (EPA)
OIOperator Interrupt (telecommunications)
OIOutline of Investigation
OIOrganizational Integrator
OIOrganization Indicator
OIOptical Improvements
OIOptical Improved
OIOFISA Informatique (Lausanne, Switzerland)
OIOrganizationally Impaired
OIOutreach International, Inc. (Independence, MO)
OIOrbit Infotech (New Delhi, India)
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CFIP Lumina optical interface is accessible through ODC plug located on FODU, client can choose whether use one or two ODC connectors.
x, y, z-position of the optical interface in the room, transparency of the cupola, length of the tube and its internal reflectance, transparency of the Lambertian/ transparent part of the optical interface, its outer diameter and eventually its inner diameter (if applicable).
OMRON plans to launch US-made optical interface modules in Japan in spring 2006.
SW1's wireless optical interface allows data transfer for the AC inverter's settings--using TB Wood's PDA-trAC software--to upload, download, edit and save drive parameters.
Within the United States, these gateways connect via standard optical interface and fiber to the GIG, NASA's Information Systems Network and other associated terrestrial high-speed networks.
Its labelled 99 memory locations store all measurement parameters, which can then be recalled later or downloaded easily to a Windows PC using the improved Quicklink 1550B software and optical interface cable that come with the meter.
Features include non-invasive clamp-on; 24 hour continuous use rechargeable battery; optical interface allowing Windows software utility; capable of measuring pipe from 2 to 100-inches; no moving parts of maintenance operations; and optional 200,000 event datalogger module.
The optical interface is an MT ferrule-based SMC connector, and the link is completed by connecting a multimode 12-fiber ribbon cable.
Also, an optical interface reduces the cost and complexity of a fiber extension from the SDH radio, which can be located on a remote hilltop, to a fiber multiplex/transport terminal located several kilometers away in the city.
This two-way communication with the host computer is through an optical interface to a stand which has an RS232 interface connection to the host computer.
it is k~s expect that the recording ports will later use smpte 2022-6 / 7 ip video in and out on the optical interface with a separate software option.
In addition to data converter support, the Navigator core library now includes 100 gigabit Ethernet UDP engines, each moving data in both directions at 12 GBytes/sec through on-board optical interfaces. The Quartz board's optical interface supports up to two 100 gigabit Ethernet connections providing a total transfer rate of more than 24 GBytes/sec.