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ONMSOptical Network Management System
ONMSOffice of National Marine Sanctuaries (Silver Spring, MD)
ONMSOrbiter Neutral Mass Spectrometer (US NASA)
ONMSOpen Network Management System
ONMSOptical Network Management System (Astal Point)
ONMSOpieka Nad Magicznymi Stworzeniami (Polish: Care of Magical Creatures; Harry Potter)
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Based on Acterna's heritage of fiber optic technology innovation, the Acterna OFM software can be used as a standalone software package installed on any desktop PC or integrated for use within the Acterna Optical Network Management System (ONMS).
Acterna Optical Network Management System (ONMS) offers network operators significant commercial advantage through increased productivity, reduced network down time and easier, faster network provisioning.
Under the agreement, which is valued at up to USD40m, Sycamore will supply its SN 16000 intelligent optical core switch, SN 3000 optical access switch, SN 8000 intelligent optical transport platform and SILVX optical network management system for deployment within Vodafone's UK wireless network.
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