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ONGOrganización No Gubernamental (Spanish: Non-Governmental Organization)
ONGOrganisation Non Gouvernementale (French: Non-Governmental Organization)
ONGOrganização Não-Governamental (Portuguese: Non-Governmental Organization)
ONGOrganizzazione Non Governativa (Italian: Non-Governmental Organization)
ONGOngeveer (Dutch: approximately)
ONGOrganizatiile Neguvernamentale (Romanian: Non-Governmental Organization)
ONGOklahoma Natural Gas
ONGOhio National Guard
ONGOperation No Gangs (Texas)
ONGOptical Networking Group
ONGOvernight Guest
ONGMornington, Queensland, Australia - Mornington Is (Airport Code)
ONGOffice Next Generation (Microsoft Office)
ONGOptical Network Gateway
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Today, we are introducing the industry's first all-optical wavelength management software," said Jeong Kim, president of Lucent's Optical Networking Group. "By adding intelligence to the LambdaRouter, we are unlocking the true value of all-optical switches and providing customers with cost-effective ways to offer new revenue-generating services."
Chromatis will then become part of Lucent's Optical Networking Group.
"Our customers have long been clamoring for a true end-to-end 10-gigabit networking solution, and they haven't been able to get one - until now," said Harry Bosco, group president of Lucent's Optical Networking Group. "Our contracts with these cutting-edge customers demonstrate that Lucent is taking a leading role in the rapidly growing high-speed optical networking market.
'As a vendor that knows networks inside out, Lucent is well equipped to meet Microsoft's needs for a powerful system that supports the most sophisticated data services for today's corporate campus environment,' says Gerry Butters, president of Lucent's Optical Networking Group. 'As corporations need more capacity to enhance their employees' productivity and creativity, carriers are looking for ways to provide added services.
For more information about Lucent's Optical Networking Group, visit its Web site at
He indicated that by the year 2003 Cisco's addressable market will approach $150 billion and the company has formed an optical networking group built around its acquisitions that has clearly become a focus of the company.
"Our optical networking solutions are designed to meet the needs of all our customers," said Chi Hung Lin, president of the Optical Networking Group, Lucent China.
Gerry Butters, currently president of Lucent Technologies' Optical Networking Group, has been named Senior Vice President, Strategy, Marketing and Business Development for the company's Global Service Provider business.
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