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OPSEOperation Protocol Service Elements
OPSEOptical Science and Engineering (college course; various universities)
OPSEOptically Pumped Stimulated Emission
OPSEOffice of Protocol and Special Events (now Community Engagement and Events Division; Australia)
OPSEOffice of Public Service Employment
OPSEOral Pharyngeal Swallow Efficiency
OPSEOne Page Summary Essay (homework)
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Bishnu Pal, Professor of Natural Sciences at Mahindra Ecole Centrale College of Engineering, Hyderabad, has been recognized for his contribution to Optical Science and Engineering by The Optical Society (OSA).
They do provide examples from a wide range of optical science and engineering. Readers should have completed a basic course in calculus, including if possible an introduction to linear differential equations; should be familiar with solution by separation of variables, vectors, simple trigonometry, and basic ideas of complex numbers; and should have some elementary knowledge of optics, electrodynamics, and quantum mechanics.
JHS, to be launched in January, is targeted to scientists and engineers working in the fields of holography, speckle, lasers, optical science and engineering. It is being launched to carry articles, research papers and reviews on such topics as biomedical optics, computers, information storage, digital photography and holograms.
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