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OSSOffice of Strategic Services
OSSOpen Source Software
OSSOpen Sound System (Unix digital audio architecture)
OSSOperations Support System(s)
OSSOperatore Socio Sanitario
OSSOperating System Service
OSSOrigin of the Solar System
OSSOffice of Student Services
OSSOperations Support Squadron
OSSOut of School Suspension
OSSOfte Stillede Spørgsmål (Danish: Frequently Asked Questions)
OSSOff Screen (cinematography)
OSSOpen Source Shakespeare (website)
OSSOperational Support System
OSSOperational Support System (THREAT)
OSSOffice SharePoint Server (Microsoft)
OSSOh So Sweet
OSSOne Stop Shopping
OSSOffice Support Systems
OSSOperational Storage Support
OSSOperating System Services
OSSOffice Sharepoint Services
OSSOther Shared Secret
OSSOpen Systems Specialists
OSSOpen Sound System
OSSOnboard Support Software
OSSOffice Search System
OSSOperations Systems Support
OSSOpen System Services
OSSOffice Sharepoint Server
OSSOpen Storage Solutions
OSSOpen Source Storage
OSSon Site Service
OSSOperation Support System
OSSOn Site Service(s)
OSSOn-Site Support (various organizations)
OSSOpen Source Society (software)
OSSOrthopaedic Surgery Specialists (various locations)
OSSOverhead Sign Structure (transportation; various locations)
OSSOffice of Space Science
OSSOur Shared Shelf (book club)
OSSOssetic (linguistics)
OSSOffice of the Secretary of State
OSSOperations Support Services
OSSOperation Spartan Shield (US Army)
OSSOffice of Special Services
OSSOverseas Scholarship Scheme (Petroleum Technology Development Fund)
OSSOld Submarine (US Navy)
OSSOperational Support Services
OSSOptical Steadyshot (image stabilization technology)
OSSOttawa, Sandusky, Seneca (recycling; Ohio)
OSSOnline Service System (SAP)
OSSOffice Support System
OSSOfficial Statistics System (New Zealand)
OSSOnline Subscription Service (various organizations)
OSSOpen Standard Solutions (Japan)
OSSOutside Surface
OSSOutside Storage
OSSOnline Shopping Survey (various organizations)
OSSOptional State Supplementation
OSSOperator Service System
OSSOnSite Solutions
OSSOff-Site Surveillance System (various organizations)
OSSOnsite Sewage System
OSSOld-Style Siamese (cats)
OSSOver-The-Shoulder Shot (video photograpy)
OSSObject Storage Server
OSSOntario Seniors Secretariat (Canada)
OSSOfficer Safety and Survival Training Program (US FEMA)
OSSOperational Sequencing System (US Navy)
OSSOccupy Sesame Street (satire)
OSSOnline Search Service
OSSOpen Sky System (Audi)
OSSOptical Storage System
OSSOptical Sight System
OSSOgrenci Secme Sinavi (Turkish university exam)
OSSObservatory of the Sahara and the Sahel
OSSOncology Support Services (cancer)
OSSOld School Soldiers
OSSOfferings for Service (computer services)
OSSOutput Shaft Speed Sensor (automotive)
OSSOrder of the Sacred Sword (gaming)
OSSOperational Storage Site
OSSOffice of Space Station (NASA)
OSSOffice of Statistical Standards
OSSOptical Surveillance System
OSSOcean Surveillance System
OSSOpen Simulation System
OSSOld Soft Shoe
OSSOutput Sub System
OSSOff Site Sales
OSSOpen System Solution
OSSOptics Support Structure
OSSOffice of Space Systems
OSSOnline Schedule System
OSSAdvanced Broadband Operational Support Systems
OSSOverall System Sensitivity (radar)
OSSObject Service Standard (SEMI)
OSSOccupant Sensing System
OSSOver Speed Sensor (railroad industry)
OSSOptimizing SubSystem
OSSOperation Safer Streets (police task force)
OSSObjective Supply System
OSSOffice of Systems Support
OSSOn-Board Support Software
OSSOrdinary Strength Steel
OSSOxenford State School (Gold Coast, Australia)
OSSOperational Support Summary
OSSOrganizational Supply Support
OSSOcean State Soccer School (North Kingstown, RI)
OSSOrmeau State School (Gold Coast, Australia)
OSSOh Shoot Situation (polite form)
OSSOffice of Special Security
OSSOifig Schrúdóir na Scannán (Film Censor's Office, Ireland)
OSSOffice for Special Support (academic support for students with special needs)
OSSOperator Seat Switch
OSSOperational Services Switch
OSSOvert Surveillance System
OSSOut-of-School Service (various locations)
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If the drawing is electronically stored, it can be retrieved from the optical storage system. If it is a blueprint, the electronic tag pinpoints its location in the archives.
Before considering these developments, it's helpful to briefly describe some of the key issues affecting the performance of an optical storage system, such as MO.
IRVINE, Cal.--Pinnacle Micro has signed a distribution agreement with D&H to market and sell its optical storage systems. D&H will offer Pinnacle Micro's Recordable CD systems and its complete 3.5- and 5.25-inch rewriteable optical product line, including Pinnacle's newest Apex 4.6 Gb drive, through thousands of resellers and retail channels nationwide.
Q What should users of optical storage systems be most concerned about?
The present design permits focusing the blue light to a spot having half the diameter of IR light used in current optical storage systems. This promises to quadruple the areal density at which data can be stored.
Phase-change optical storage systems accept Panasonic's WORM media, which hold 940MB of data, and phase-change discs, which store 1 gigabyte of data on a single cartridge.
However, it wasn't until the Japanese solved the problem of optical storage systems based on bit-mapped images that present day WORM technology came into use.
The government's data storage needs are astronomical, says Brian Houston, vice president of engineering Hitachi Data Systems Federal, a company that develops optical storage systems. One exabyte could hold a hundred thousand times the printed material, or 500 to 3,000 times the content of the Library of Congress.
This approach enables firms to significantly lower their distributed storage management administration costs while migrating static data to lower-cost nearline or offline optical storage systems. IDC has also found that this approach also enables IT management to reclaim a large amount of their current online storage investment.
The Hierarchical Storage Manager (HSM) software provides users with a cost-effective solution to adding expensive online hard disks at the PC level by providing online storage and data management using less expensive tape and optical storage systems. It also automatically backs up each client or PC in a network, preserving all files in a central library, which can be located off-site if desired.
Processing of images necessitates scanners, optical storage systems and telecommunications planning.
Historically, companies have been burdened with only one choice: costly optical storage systems that require additional hardware.
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