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O/ROn Request
O/ROther Ranks (various locations)
O/ROutright (foreign exchange transactions)
O/ROperational Requirement
O/ROptical Reader (band)
O/ROffice Routing
O/ROfloxacin Plus Rifampin
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TruTag microtags are dust-sized particles made of silicon dioxide that are embedded with customizable spectral data that are read by TruTag's handheld optical readers and can reveal product intelligence about high-volume, high-value, items such as pharmaceuticals, electronic components, industrial parts, fast-moving consumer goods and food packaging.
The applications addressed in the book include, among others, a LADAR guidance system using prism pairs, aplanatic prism spectrography, a reflecting wedge prism for an optical reader, and inversion prisms for range finders.
The optical reader employs a visible light to read the platinum fluorescence and allows for greater "non-contact" readability (up to a distance of 15mm), resulting in superior performance.
12 mins LESSON 17 review, optical font, optical reader, page reader, MICR, MICR reader, hand-writing optical reader, audio response units, review, analog-digital, analog converter.
Global Banking News-24 June 2009-Gemalto launches optical reader for online banks(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.enpublishing.co.uk
An optical reader in the sensor can instantly quantify the silver buildup and provide a number on a screen, which indicates the concentration of anti-HIV antibodies in a patient's blood.
Each transporter is fitted with an optical reader ("b" in photo 1) which scans a unique slotted track ("a" in photo 1 and "e" in photo 2), providing the incredibly accurate location previously mentioned of less than one millimetre on a track length of up to 120 metres.
To solve this problem, we approached numerous computer firms about using an optical reader (OCR) and image technology to convert the information on customer remittance forms into data for a mainframe processing system.
This is particularly useful because information from a scanned and captured document--say an invoice or a check--can be recognized by an optical reader as letters, numbers and symbols and then processed by a computer.
TruTag Technologies has introduced its new portable optical reader that can authenticate solid oral dose medicines marked with the TruTag microtag solution.
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