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[9] carried out series of tests to study the effects of oil contamination on geotechnical properties of clays, and they found that increasing oil content for soil samples would decrease its strength, permeability, maximum dry density, optimal water content, and Atterberg limits.
Granular bases are compacted under optimal water content to achieve a maximum dry unit weight.
Twelve different specimens of granular base were compacted at optimal water content and maximum dry unit weight according to the Standard Effort Method, which is provided in the standard ASTM D698 (ASTM International, 2014a).
It was found that the optimal water content of S/S treated marine mud and sediment decreased from 21% to 18.5% and 24% to 21.5%, respectively, when their cement content increased from 5% to 15% at a fixed amount of marine mud/sediment (i.e.
By increasing the amount of cement from 5% to 15% by mass, the optimal water content of the corresponding S/S treated mixture (with 70% of marine mud and sediment, individually) decreases, but the maximum dry densities increase.
On the other hand, the high water content in the pods directly influences the collection, since these materials will remain for longer periods in the field until they reach the optimal water content for collection, thus they can suffer damage as, for example, breaks.
With the optimal water content, the soil samples can achieve an optimal density, even at the same compaction energy.
The triaxial shear tests were conducted under optimal water content and compaction conditions.
The latter have typically included: water potential, percentage of pore space filled with water, proportion of an optimal water content, or relative water content.
comm.), the upper limit of water content was assumed to be the optimal water content for mineralisation of N, while the lower limit of water content was assumed to be the lowest water content used during laboratory incubation, or the lower limit of water content observed in the field of a soil sampled from the same region.
"Preconditioning seeds by holding them at 5 [degrees] C and 25 percent relative humidity for a few weeks achieves optimal water content for long-term storage at -18 [degrees] C," she says.
'Preconditioning seeds by holding them at 5 deg C and 25 percent relative humidity for a few weeks achieves optimal water content for long-term storage at -18 deg C,' she says.