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This, of course, should not by any means conceal the existence of language variations, which are accounted for by language-specific rules or different rankings of universal constraints as proposed by Optimality Theory (OT, henceforth).
In online analytical processing (OLAP), online transaction processing (OLTP), and hybrid transaction/analytical processing (HTAP) scenarios, GaussDB uses the optimality theory to create the industry's first reinforcement learning self-tuning algorithm, improving tuning performance by over 60%.
It is important to emphasize that the task of the Optimality Theory is to promote the mapping of linguistic forms which have been effectively realized together with their underlying forms.
The analysis is set within Optimality Theory which leads the author to the conclusion that there is no inherent logical connection among Optimality Theory, Alignment and Parallelism.
In optimality theory, a given grammatical output is, by definition, the optimal output given a ranked set of "markedness constraints and faithfulness constraints" (Kager, 9).
It reviews the initial assumptions about the phonology of Proto-Indo-European, with a focus on key issues related to the reconstruction of its syllable structure, then outlines the frameworks of optimality theory and syllable theory.
She shows how the errors are related to the phonological system of both languages in Standard Generative Phonological and Optimality Theory. Her topics are glide and glide insertion, nasality viewed from the perspectives of the letters a and e, and interference from gliding and nasalization.
Second, the investigators will develop optimality theory for control problems involving time-consistent dynamic models of risk.
2003, The Controversy over Geminates and Syllable Weight.--Syllable in optimality Theory, Cambridge, 77-98.
So, the implications of the study are not only relevant to optimality theory but are also useful for the theory of syllable structure, typological linguistics and applied linguistics.
The prior-free optimality theory that we propose requires a seller (1) to choose a rationalizable price and (2) for each element of his conjecture, to set the corresponding aspiration levels equal to the profits attainable at that rationalizable price.
Optimality theory, phonological acquisition and disorders.