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OMCOrganisation Mondiale du Commerce (French: WTO)
OMCOrganización Mundial del Comercio (Spanish: World Trade Organization)
OMCOutlaws Motorcycle Club (est. 1935)
OMCOperations, Maintenance and Construction (Canada)
OMCOrganização Mundial do Comércio (Portuguese: World Trade Organization)
OMCOrganic (polymer) Matrix Composite
OMCOutpatient Medical Care (various locations)
OMCOh My Chuck
OMCOsteopathic Medical Center (various locations)
OMCOakland Medical Center (California)
OMCOpen Method of Coordination (EU)
OMCOlympic Medical Center (Port Angeles, WA)
OMCOccupational Medicine Center
OMCOne More Chance
OMCOptical Memory Card
OMCOrganizzazione Mondiale del Commercio (Italian: World Trade Organization)
OMCOnward Manufacturing Company (est. 1906)
OMCOne-Man Clan
OMCOh My Cas
OMCOriental Medical Center (Seattle, WA)
OMCOrdnance Maintenance Company (US Marine Corps)
OMCOwen Machine Carbine (weapon)
OMCOpel Motorsport Club (car club)
OMCOil Marketing Company (various locations)
OMCOil Marketing Company
OMCOffice of the Minister for Children (Ireland)
OMCOccupational Medical Clinic (various locations)
OMCOnline Map Creation
OMCOpportunity Management Center
OMCOptical Monitoring Camera
OMCOregon Mountain Community (Portland, OR retailer)
OMCOutboard Marine Corporation
OMCOn My Computer
OMCOpen Market Committee
OMCOncology Management Consulting Group (Pennsylvania)
OMCOrion Molecular Cloud
OMCOffice of Motor Carriers
OMCOptimum Moisture Content
OMCOil Mist Collector (various companies)
OMCOperations and Maintenance Center
OMCOffice of Military Cooperation
OMCOld Man's Child (band)
OMCOstiomeatal Complex (otolaryngology)
OMCOffice of Managed Care
OMCOperational Medicine Consultants (Richmond, VA)
OMCOtara Millionaires Club (musical artist)
OMCOman Medical College
OMCOpen Music Contest
OMCOriginal Male Character
OMCOrange Mound Collaborative (Memphis, TN)
OMCOffice Management Committee (various organizations)
OMCOcala Metropolitan Campus (Webster University; Ocala, FL)
OMCOur Missing Children (Canada)
OMCOpen Management Consortium (open source computing)
OMCOffice of Munitions Control
OMCOutboard Motor Corporation
OMCOptical Media Converter
OMCOakland Municipal Code (California)
OMCOffice for Multicultural Faculty Careers (Brigham and Women's Hospital; Boston, MA)
OMCOperation and Maintenance Costs
OMCOn Mission Celebrations (religion)
OMCOrange Members Card (credit card; Japan)
OMCOrissa Mining Corporation Ltd.
OMCOh My Carlisle!
OMCOrganizational Member Council (ANSI term)
OMCOh My Cullen (Twilight fan slang)
OMCOperations/Maintenance Coordinator
OMCOneness Mission Club
OMCOrder Management Center
OMCOperation and Management Center
OMCorganic molecular crystal
OMCOman Methanol Company LLC
OMCOntario Medal for Good Citizenship
OMCOne-Man Control
OMCOrchard Machinery Corporation (Yuba City, CA)
OMCOlszak Management Consulting, Inc.
OMCOffice of Management Controls
OMCChief Opticalman (Naval Rating)
OMCOrinoco Mining Company
OMCOnline Medical Control (Canadian Coast Guard, Rescue Specialist)
OMCOptic/Millimeter-wave Converter
OMCOrbitel Mobile Communications Ltd.
OMCOperation and Maintenance Cell
OMCOccupational Measurement Center
OMCOrder of Friars Minor Conventual
OMCOptical Moisture Content (materials engineering)
OMCOld Mill Century
OMCOptical Multiplexed Carrier
OMCOptical Media Center (Broadwing)
OMCOuter Membranes Complex
OMCOrdered Macroporous Carbon
OMCOrganizational Maintenance Concept
OMCOther Management Controllable
OMCOh My Chaos (humor)
OMCOptimisation and Measurement Center
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Item description: providing and laying approved cohesive non sewlling ( cns ) soil in canal bed and side slope for canal lining including dressing , breaking of clods ,laying in layers of 15 cm thick horizontally , pride cutting and finishing to the required canal profile , including watering and compaction at optimum moisture content to dry density not below than 90% by light roller or sheep foot earth master or hand rammer etc.
The maximum apparent dry unit weight and optimum moisture content obtained with the use of normal energy, for mixtures with optimum levels of iron ore tailings were 20.3 kN [m.sup.-3] and 11.6%, respectively.
Results of these experiments for twelve bulk specimens reveal mean aggregate impact value (13.71%-15.40%), optimum moisture content (4.3%-5.4%), soundness test (2.85%-2.93%), flakiness index (16.11%-19.09%), elongation index (11.12%-12.23%), los angeles abrasion value (23.93%-26.22%), specific gravity (2.63-2.72) and water absorption (0.62%-1.34%), which suggest that the values of the limestone aggregate are within specified limits of their respective standards.
Summary of the Characteristics of Laterite Sample Soil property Percentage composition /classification Particle gradation Gravel 15 Sand 44 Silt and clay 41 Consistency Liquid limit, LL 57.66 Plastic limit, PL 37.41 Plasticity index, PI 20.25 Natural moisture content 7.96 Classification of laterite USCS MH (sandy elastic silt with gravel) AASHTO between A-5 and A-6 (silty-clayey soil) Compaction (Moisture-Density) Maximum dry density, kg/[m.sup.3] (UNS) 1970 Optimum moisture content, % 27.5 Maximum dry density, kg/[m.sup.3] (SS) 1930 Optimum moisture content, % 26 Mineralogical test Kaolinite (A[l.sub.2]Si[O.sub.5](OH[4.sub.)]) 53.26 Quartz (Si[O.sub.2]) 46.74 Table 2.
In addition, bibulous rate of the scrap tire crumbs is very low compared with that of the clayey soil, resulting in the decrease of optimum moisture content for the mixtures.
Establishing a prediction curve for suction level for a sand clay mixture compacted to the optimum moisture content can serve as a prediction tool for estimating hydraulic properties.
Optimum moisture content of cohesive soils increases whereas the maximum dry unit weight obtained through compaction tests decreases with plasticity index of soil (Berawala, Solanki 2010; Pandian et al.
Figure 4 shows the effect of fly ash on the optimum moisture content (OMC) and maximum dry density of soil.
The optimum water content increases from 13.6% to 15.5% at 12% SF of standard compaction, the increase in the optimum moisture content is due, in spite of the reduced surface area caused by flocculation and agglomeration, to the additional fine contents to the samples which requires more water in addition to the free lime and silica fume that needed more water for the pozzolanic reactions to take place.
(2008b) suggested optimum moisture levels for a variety of composting materials based on WHC concept and proved that the optimum moisture content of each material is near its saturated condition.
Through the mixing process of both materials, it is shown that the optimum moisture content fluctuated as the fly ash content increased (Fig.
For T-1, the plot of dry density versus water content produced a relatively smooth curve where optimum moisture content was easily identified.
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