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OSIOpen Systems Interconnection
OSIOffice of Special Investigations
OSIOpen Society Institute
OSIOpen Source Initiative
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OSIOffice of Strategic Influence (band)
OSIOrdnance Survey Ireland (est. 1824)
OSIOperating System Independent (computing)
OSIOther Service Information
OSIOpen Systems International (Minneapolis, MN)
OSIOsram Sylvania Inc.
OSIOverflow Stack Immediate
OSIOfficina Stampaggi Industriali
OSIOperational Stress Injury
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OSIOpen System Interface
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OSIOut of Stock Indefinitely (usually referring to books)
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OSIOffice of Science and Innovation
OSIOffice of Strategic Initiatives
OSIOffice of Scientific Investigation (aka Office of Scientific Intelligence; fictional agency; Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman)
OSIOpen Systems, Inc.
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OSIOunces per Square Inch
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OSIOccupational Stress Injury (psychological difficulty)
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OSIOriginating Station Identifier
OSIOne Side Installation
OSIOptimum Source Impedance
OSICongregatio Oblatorum Sancti Ioseph (religious order, Oblates of St. Joseph)
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Results show good accuracy in optimum source impedance and a slight overestimation of |G.sub.n~ of unknown origin.
Key to the successful design of a low noise amplifier is finding the optimum source impedance. Measuring this parameter is not a problem with a packaged transistor but is difficult on-wafer.
Data then is used to calculate the optimum source impedance. In the real time method, source impedance is measured directly from the tip of the first probe.
In theory, parallel feedback also can be used either independently or in conjunction with series feedback to achieve the same objective.[1,2] In practice, however, best results usually are obtained using a series inductance.[3] For any series feedback inductance [L.sub.s] there is a unique load termination that will produce the desired condition, where the device input impedance equals the conjugate of the optimum source impedance needed for minimum noise figure.
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