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OStROberstudienrat (Austria, Europe)
OStROrchestre Symphonique de Trois-Rivières (Canada)
OStROptimum Speed Tilt Rotor (Karem Aircraft)
OStROptical Single Transporter Recording
OStROblates of St. Therese Reformed (religious order)
OStROn-Site Technical Representative
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These studies led to the US Army's preferred JHL solution being some form of High Efficiency Tilt Rotor, which appeared very similar to the Karem Aerospace Optimum Speed Tilt Rotor (OSTR), exploiting in forward flight the slowed-rotor technology of the Boeing A160 drone.
The US Army has awarded contracts to a Bell-Boeing team for the Quad Tilt Rotor, to Karem Aircraft/Lockheed Martin team for the Optimum Speed Tilt Rotor, and to Sikorsky for the coaxial-rotor X2 High Speed Lifter.
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