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OYOsakeyhtiö (Finnish: limited company)
OYOptimum Yield
OYOsakeyhtio (Finnish: Limited/Incorporated)
OYOption Year
OYOperating Year
OYOrganizing Youth
OYOxana Yablonskaya (classical pianist)
OYNew Zealand Life Insurance Stamp (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
OYCode for Danish Aero Plane
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Low requirement of N fertilizer for optimum yield of rye-vetch mixture might be attributed to potential of hairy vetch for improvement of soil nitrogen fertility while increasing N availability to crop production (Kuo and Sainju, 1998; Clark et al., 2007) and consequently reduces N fertilizer requirements (Sullivan et al., 1991).
These new high area filters aim to help ensure product safety, efficient and effective processing and optimum yield for demanding drug production processes.
From the results it was concluded that best an economical combination of organic fertilizers with inorganic fertilizers for optimum yield of wheat, yield and yield components and soil physico-chemical properties for sustainable yield were significantly enhanced with the application 20 tons FYM along with 75% NPK fertilization.
Agria) should well irrigate to achieve the optimum yield and WUE.
Foliar application of Soluplant @ 5.00 kg ha-1 proved to be most suitable treatment for obtaining optimum yield due to having non-significant (LSD.0.05) statistical differences with Soluplant @ 7.50 kg ha-1 and Soluplant @ 6.25 kg ha-1.
pH v/s Moisture: The 3 D surface graphs shows that the optimum yield of laccase obtained at pH 5 and 50 % moisture content (Fig 1 C).
The soil test-based fertilizer prediction model is developed jointly by University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) and Agriculture Department in order to help farmers to determine the level of nitrogen and phosphorous for optimum yield. The website - www.fertilizeruaf.pk- can be accessed for the details.
The prolonged dry spell throughout the province [in] the past months has significantly affected productivity at the farm level since vegetables require a considerable amount of rainfall for optimum yield, Cesar Hostallero, officer in charge of the provincial agriculture office, said in a report.
He urged farmers to use certified seed of approved cotton varieties at appropriate time to get optimum yield.
An optimum yield of 84% was recorded at 700C using methanol to oil molar ratio of 12:1 at 360min reaction time and 6% catalyst (KN[O.sub.3]/[Al.sub.2][O.sub.3]) in the medium.