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As medical physicians are most easily accessible by general population in this country and they more often see a patient with high risk of oral cancer, so they should be adequately educated and trained in performing screening examinations to detect oral and pharyngeal cancers in their early stages as the prognosis of the oral cancer is grave when diagnosed later a advanced stage.
Similarly, oral and pharyngeal cancers, dental caries, and periodontal disease are conditions that lead to significant complications if left untreated.
If the swallowing problem is in the oral and pharyngeal phase of swallowing, the resident may be referred to a speech-language pathologist.
Studies examining the effects of the chin-tuck posture on the swallowing proficiency of individuals with oral and pharyngeal cancer and their subsequent treatments were not available.
The risk of both oral and pharyngeal cancer rises steeply with the level of alcohol consumption.
Most frequently, these patients suffer impairments in the oral and pharyngeal stages of swallowing (Mann, Hankey, & Cameron, 1999).
During sleep, the relaxation of the oral and pharyngeal musculature leads to a reversal of the resistance patterns of the nose and oral cavity, and oral airway resistance increases.
In fishes, taste buds occur not only within the oral and pharyngeal cavities, but also on external structures such as the barbels and skin (reviewed by Caprio, 1988; Jakubowski and Whitear, 1990; and others).
This report summarizes epidemiologic data on deaths caused by oral and pharyngeal cancer in the United States in 1987.
On Sunday, April 27, 2014, oral cancer survivors and their families joined dental and nursing students, residents, and faculty of New York University Colleges of Dentistry and Nursing for New York City's Ninth Annual Oral Cancer Walk to raise awareness of oral and pharyngeal cancer.
Because oral and pharyngeal cancers can be recognized at an earliest stage by visual and tactile examination, dentists are one of the most likely groups of health care practitioners who have a key role in counseling patients regarding early detection of oral cancer.
Oral and pharyngeal neoplasia in the dog: a retrospective survey of 361 cases.