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ORAPOcean Research Advisory Panel (National Oceanographic Partnership Program)
ORAPOutdoor Recreation Act Program (Wisconsin)
ORAPOrganisation of Rural Associations for Progress (Zimbabwe)
ORAPOrder for Appearance (legal)
ORAPOperational Range Assessment Plan
ORAPOccupational Risk Assessment Profile
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Fifth, ten ranchers and ORAP argued that because the ranchers had administrative appeals pending on the issue of whether the permits were too restrictive when the environmental groups filed in federal court, the agency actions were not final under the APA.
Pimozide is approved to treat tics associated with Tourette's syndrome and is marketed as Orap.
Patients should not take EMEND with Orap (pimozide), Seldane (terfenadine), Hismanal (astemizole), or Propulsid (cisapride) as the combination may cause serious or life-threatening problems.