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It preserves the pumping action of orbicularis oculi muscle. It can be performed in acute stage of infection as well as in revision cases of external DCR and avoid subsequent scarring.
It is characterized by frequent, involuntary contraction of the orbicularis oculi muscle, causing forceful closure of the eyes.
Technique for blepharoptosis correction using double-breasted orbicularis oculi muscle flaps.
The upper lid is often unable to completely descend in facial paralysis secondary to poor orbicularis oculi muscle tone.
Fine scissors were introduced to dissect the conjunctiva and orbital septum from the orbicularis oculi muscle. Preseptal approach was used to keep orbital content out of the surgical field.
Our research group has studied the kinematics of reflex, voluntary, emotional and learned eyelid responses, as well as the physiology of facial motoneurons innervating the orbicularis oculi muscle; i.e., the muscle responsible for those eyelid movements.
It is well recognized that the action of the orbicularis muscle and eyelid dynamics are important contributing factors for FNLDO because movements of the orbicularis oculi muscle create hydrostatic pressure and facilitate tear flow [7].
Considering these findings, we can assume that facial nerve conduction is reduced in MD; therefore, the orbicularis oculi muscle cannot function well, and patients present with paresis.
Restylane (two lids) or Juvederm Ultra (eight lids) were injected in the pretarsal and / or prelevator aponeurosis regions along the length of the upper eyelid deep to the orbicularis oculi muscle using a feathered layered approach until the desired endpoint (resolution of lagophthalmos without obstruction of visual axis) was reached.
The average size of the eyelid defects were 5x3 cm involving the skin and orbicularis oculi muscle. The lid margin and the tarsal plate were spared in all the cases.