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ORCSOracle Restore Command Script
ORCSOrganic Reactions Catalysis Society
ORCSOperational Records Classification System
ORCSOntario Respiratory Care Society (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
ORCSOrc Roleplaying Community Site (gaming clan; Canada)
ORCSOrganized Research Combination System (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; Japan)
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They are also able to move their way up the Orc ladder if they kill you and sometimes even become a local legend, such is the enormity of this game.
Paula Patton's half human-half orc Garona was an enigmatic presence.
ORCS' customizable, easy-to-read credit reports offer the flexibility to sort data according to the customer's business needs.
Tolkien did allow that even orcs were considered "within the Law," meaning that while they should be fought with all available resources, "they must not be dealt with in their own terms of cruelty and treachery." Indeed, "if any Orcs surrendered and asked for mercy, they must be granted it" ("Orcs" 419).
ORC-WARD MOMENT: One of the Orcs presents an intimidating sight at the Tolkien weekend; THE AXEMAN COMETH: Carnac Venables, aged four
The 'Orcs & Elves' fantasy role-playing game will be offered by Electronic Arts Inc, a video game publisher, to customers of US wireless services provider Verizon Wireless later this month.
There are three factions to choose from ( the humans and elves; the orcs, goblins and other monsters; and The Fallen.
Orcs are described as ``members of an imaginary race of ugly, aggressive human-like creatures.''
After building his strength, Sauron re-establishes himself in the evil land of Mordor, rebuilding his fortress, Barad-dur, and gathering his armies of orcs (goblins), trolls, and barbarians in preparation for a climactic confrontation with the forces of good.
Standing in your way are the usual array of RPG beasts, from big brainless orcs to the basic skeleton soldier.
In Bright, a film set in an alternative version of Los Angeles where orcs, fairies and elves coexist with humans, the two play LAPD cops and partners.