ORDAOlympic Regional Development Authority (Lake Placid, NY)
ORDAOffice of Recombinant DNA Activities (NIH)
ORDAOffice of Recovery and Development Administration (New Orleans, LA)
ORDAOficiul Român Pentru Drepturi de Autor (Romania)
ORDAOptimal Response Decision Aid (military intelligence)
ORDAOrganization for Rehabilitation and and Development in Amhara (Mission, KS)
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Munhal vukuunda ileri gelenlerin ve cagrilan kimselerin imzalari alinarak Istanbula gonderilir ve orda vaktin Seyhulislami Muftiyi tayin eder idi.
Mail loro affacendarsi e senza speranza perche a ogni momento, nuove parole appartenenti a tutte le lingue del globo sono forgiate da industriosi diavoli impietosi e dall'alto lanciate sulla miserabile orda.
Oc hann pat orda allz fyrst um qvad (Brymskvida 2, 1-2; 3,3-4; 9,9-10; 12,3-4) [And he spoke these words first of all]
Photo: (color) Northridge Hospital Medical Center registered nurses, from left, Irma Orda, Linda Pickford and Iris Berman are trying to organize their hospital's nursing staff so they will have a say in the kind of care patients receive.
If you'd like more information, you can write to: The Luge Rocket, ORDA Olympic Center, 216 Main Street, Lake Placid, NY 12946.
We have been informed that the RAC is to be replaced by ad hoc gene therapy policy conferences and a smaller ORDA [Office of Recombinant DNA Activities] advisory group.
Seffi Naor from the faculty of Computer Science; Dr Ron Lavi from the faculty of Industrial Engineering; and Professors Shie Mannor and Ariel Orda from the faculty of Electrical Engineering.
ASTANA (CyHAN)- Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an was welcomed with an official ceremony by his Kazakh counterpart Nursultan Nazarbaev at Ak Orda Presidential Palace in capital city of Astana on Thursday.
The Orda Cave in the western Urals region spans three miles, making it the largest underwater gypsum cave in the world.
Elinize herhangi bir felsefe tarihi kitabi aldiginizda orda tamamlanmis klasik bir modern felsefeyle karsilasirsiniz.