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OOKOn-Off Keying
OOKon Off Keyed
OOKOut of kilter
OOKOuderen Overleg Komitee (Dutch: Elderly Discussion Committee; est. 1993; Brussels, Belgium)
OOKOrder of Knights (role playing group)
OOKOut of Kingdom
OOKOmituisten Otusten Kerho (Finnish gaming glan)
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This reverend brother has been all his life engaged in fighting among the Saracens for the recovery of the Holy Sepulchre; he is of the order of Knights Templars, whom you may have heard of; he is half a monk, half a soldier.''
At Breivik's trial for the massacre of 77 people in Norway in 2011, he claimed to have refounded the order of the Knights Templar, a crusader order of knights whose symbolism frequently appears in far-right logos.
On the way, the car is attacked by a monster that appears from the shadows and Denizen discovers that he is connected to a secret order of knights whose task is to keep these creatures at bay.
It has long been known that the Hospitallers owned land here, and that there was a camera (an outpost for the administration of the estates owned by the military religious order of knights) in Much Woolton, but it is now thought that the location of this has finally been identified.
A wooden church was built at that time, replaced by its first stone church in 1150 4 THE village was once significant for Ferriby Priory, circa 1160, of the order of knights templar, founded by Lord Eustace Broomfleet de Vesci, in the reign of King John of England.
As Galahad, one of an elite order of Knights, you join a centuries-old war against a powerful threat that will determine the course of history, unfolding through a crisp third-person actionadventure shooter.
This action-adventure video game provides players with an Steampunk version of late 1800's London, where an order of knights keep the human race safe from half monsters.
Built in 1446, the chapel is noted for its ornate, esoteric stone carvings related to the Freemasons, the Christian mysteries, and the Knights Templar--a holy order of knights active from the lath to 14th centuries, who escorted pilgrims to the Holy Land and supposedly protected secrets and treasures associated with Jesus and the Bible.
MASS killer Anders Breivik is still claiming he belongs to a militant order of Knights Templar, even though police have found no evidence it exists.
London, Sept 10 (ANI): Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik is sticking to his claim of belonging to the militant order of Knights Templar, despite any evidence supporting his claim.
"Robin Hood: the Unknown Templar" looks at the possible reality that paints Robin Hood as a member of the Knights Templar, the famous religious order of knights in the middle ages.
A fantasy novel free from the usual cliches, "Storm Approaching" is saga of Andiriel and her life as a mercenary employed by an order of Knights. "Storm Approaching" is a novel of fresh political intrigue and war, highly recommended.