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The 23 new members of the Order of Ontario include: Internationally renowned pediatrician Dr.
The Order of Ontario recognizes current and former Ontarians whose work in their respective fields benefited the province or any part of the world.
who was also awarded the Order of Ontario this year.
The Order of Ontario is considered the province's highest honor.
She is chair of Lifeline Syria, and was appointed to the Order of Ontario in 2005.
McGregor received many awards, including National Aboriginal Achievement Award for Lifetime Achievement, the Order of Ontario, the X/il1iam P.
She was inducted into the Order of Ontario in 1995, and received a National Aboriginal Achievement Award in 1996 for her contributions to education.
She is a former chancellor of the University of Ottawa, a member of the Order of Ontario and a companion of the Order of Canada.
Last year, Sam received the Order of Ontario, and a few months later, the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs named its resource library after Sam George.
The 25 new Members of the Order of Ontario include: World-renowned concert pianist and conductor, Anton Kuerti.