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OOSOut of Stock
OOSOut Of Service (police dispatch)
OOSOut of State
OOSOn Other Sites
OOSOut of Service
OOSOut of System
OOSObject Oriented Simulation
OOSObject Oriented Storage
OOSObject Oriented System
OOSObject Oriented Specification
OOSOpen Office Spreadsheet
OOSOffline Operating Simulator
OOSObject Oriented Software
OOSOccupational Overuse Syndrome (repetitive stress injury)
OOSOut Of Specification
OOSOrigin of Symmetry
OOSOut of School
OOSOracle of Seasons (video game in Zelda series)
OOSOut of Sight
OOSOrder of Service (religious worship)
OOSObject-Oriented Systems
OOSOut of Style
OOSOut of Scope
OOSOnline Operating System
OOSOrder of Selection
OOSObject Oriented Specification (computing)
OOSOrbicularis Oris Superior
OOSOn-Orbit Servicing
OOSOut of Supply
OOSOut of Shape
OOSOut of Season
OOSOff-Line Operating Simulator
OOSOhio Ornithological Society
OOSOrder of Sargeras (gaming guild)
OOSOutside of Society (Macromedia Flash game development team)
OOSOut of Synchronization
OOSOut of Straightness (pipeline condition leading to buckling)
OOSOn-Orbit Operations Summary
OOSOnline Order Status
OOSOffshore Outsourced Services
OOSOhio Odonata Society
OOSOrbit to Orbit Shuttle
OOSOttawa Orchid Society (Canada)
OOSOut of Square
OOSOxfam Online Shop
OOSOregon Orchid Society (Portland, OR)
OOSOnline Ordering Service
OOSOffice Operations Supervisor (US Census Bureau)
OOSOpportunity of Selection
OOSOptical Output Synchronizer
OOSOrbitto-Orbit Stage
OOSOneSAF (One Semi-Automated Force) Objective System (OneSAF is an Army simulation)
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Since WIOA has lowered the minimum level of education of a rehabilitation counselor, those agencies prioritizing the most significant disabilities through an Order of Selection should consider the level of education of the counselor when assigning caseloads of clients with significant disabilities.
Habitat types are ranked in order of selection (5 = highest; 0 = lowest) Habitat type Intact Riparian (a) forest Regen.
For those TANF recipients whose disabilities do not meet VR eligibility criteria or criteria for open categories in a state VR agency's order of selection, formal agreements seem to be one solution to the problem of how to ensure the provision of specialized services.
2013) and participation in the process of assessing the significance of the changes carried out by the Purchaser for the ongoing order of selection concept by designing and prior to commissioning.
The screenwriting team of Rajiv Joseph and Scott Rothman make it easy even for the uninitiated to get with the program, using real ESPN announcers and plenty of other commentary to clarify the workings of the draft, as NFL teams annually line up and sometimes jockey for position to select new players; although the order of selection is theoretically based on performance from the previous season, teams can bargain with each other for higher picks, negotiations which involve last-minute phone calls right down to the wire and owe much both to shrewd talent assessment skills and great gambling instincts.
These judges will be elected to serve until attainment of the maximum age, so the more complex the order of selection would be, the better it would be," conciliation commission members said.
The league's bowl ties are the Rose (or national title game), followed in order of selection by the Alamo, Holiday, Sun, Las Vegas and Kraft Fight Hunger bowls.
In Wednesday's draw for post positions, which included a round to determine order of selection, the Kentucky Derby winner's team got first choice and selected post eight.
Scholarships are designated for people who are not eligible for public training funds due to not meeting the test of order of selection (severe disability) or needing more training time than public sponsors permit.
Because the VR agency had adopted an order of selection (i.
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