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OOSOut of Stock
OOSOut Of Service (police dispatch)
OOSOut of State
OOSOn Other Sites
OOSOut of Service
OOSOut of System
OOSObject Oriented Simulation
OOSObject Oriented Storage
OOSObject Oriented System
OOSObject Oriented Specification
OOSOpen Office Spreadsheet
OOSOffline Operating Simulator
OOSObject Oriented Software
OOSOccupational Overuse Syndrome (repetitive stress injury)
OOSOut Of Specification
OOSOrigin of Symmetry
OOSOut of School
OOSOracle of Seasons (video game in Zelda series)
OOSOut of Sight
OOSOrder of Service (religious worship)
OOSObject-Oriented Systems
OOSOut of Style
OOSOut of Scope
OOSOnline Operating System
OOSOrder of Selection
OOSObject Oriented Specification (computing)
OOSOrbicularis Oris Superior
OOSOn-Orbit Servicing
OOSOut of Supply
OOSOut of Shape
OOSOut of Season
OOSOff-Line Operating Simulator
OOSOhio Ornithological Society
OOSOrder of Sargeras (gaming guild)
OOSOutside of Society (Macromedia Flash game development team)
OOSOut of Synchronization
OOSOut of Straightness (pipeline condition leading to buckling)
OOSOn-Orbit Operations Summary
OOSOnline Order Status
OOSOffshore Outsourced Services
OOSOhio Odonata Society
OOSOrbit to Orbit Shuttle
OOSOttawa Orchid Society (Canada)
OOSOut of Square
OOSOxfam Online Shop
OOSOregon Orchid Society (Portland, OR)
OOSOnline Ordering Service
OOSOffice Operations Supervisor (US Census Bureau)
OOSOpportunity of Selection
OOSOptical Output Synchronizer
OOSOrbitto-Orbit Stage
OOSOneSAF (One Semi-Automated Force) Objective System (OneSAF is an Army simulation)
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Lot 1 the deadline of works is 18 weeks from the date fixed by the Order of Service to prescribe to start.
Lot 2 the deadline of works is 10 weeks from the date fixed by the Order of Service to prescribe to start.
One of McFly star Danny Jones' "pals" who attended his wedding enabled his Order of Service to be sold on eBay before their hangover could have even subsided.
The seller defended the sale, clarifying they had not attended the wedding personally but had been given the order of service by a friend.
The Order of Service begins at 1pm with a 'March for a Muster' ' led by the Band of the RAF College.
WENDY'S favourite recipe for chilli con carne - which lists chocolate, brown sugar and tarragon vinegar among the ingredients - was printed on the back of the order of service.
No background knowledge in any trade is needed to grasp explicit instructions ranging from a step-by-step breakdown of the hostess' job to the proper order of service for a luncheon handout to how one can go about creating a memorable presentation to food service employees, and much more.
It starts from the date fixed by the order of service startup preparation period.
The duration of the contract relating to Lot 1 is 29 weeks (including site preparation of one month and receiving operations of benefits), from the order of service startup.
Total quantity or scope: The beginning of execution of the contract from the date fixed by order of service.
period of execution of the contract Lot 1: 4 (four) months from the date fixed by the order of service.
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