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Large corporations often use this tactic of buying back their own stock in order to withhold profits from workers, and instead keep more and more of those profits for their CEOs and WallStreet investors.
The dailies said that Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu issued an order to withhold funds from the tax revenues collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority to compensate Israeli farmers in Gaza periphery for damages caused by massive fires sparked by kites flown from Gaza.
The CJPopined that if people in power of passing the country's laws were dual nationals then they could easily "pass on classified information and escape to another country".He clarified that he was not aware that elections for Senate chairman were to be held on March 12 when he passed the initial order to withhold notifications and that he did notintend to withhold notifications of 'eligible voters'.
Turning to the immediate region, the officer revealed that the Israeli air force had smashed more than a hundred missiles destined for Hizbullah in order to withhold from the Shiite terrorists weaponry of high strategic value.
Obtain a court order to withhold continuance of the aggressive care and begin palliative care.
Vice President Jojo Binay said the Office of the Ombudsman has mocked the Court of Appeals when it ignored the courts order to withhold its suspension order on his son, Makati Mayor Junjun.
Magistrates made an order to withhold the full addresses for Thomas Curry and Neil Jordan.
In order to withhold a document from production based on the attorney-client privilege, the party seeking to withhold the document must show that it is a confidential communication between an attorney and a client made primarily for the purpose of furnishing legal advice, rather than a document prepared "in the ordinary course of business." The court held that the communications between the insurers and their attorneys regarding the coverage investigation and evaluation were not privileged because they related to the insurers' "ordinary business activities." As the court explained, "[i]nsurance companies investigate claims and decide whether to accept or deny coverage as part of their regular business activities, and .
Upon receipt of such notification, the state has 10 business days to issue the purchaser an order to withhold a calculated portion of the purchase price covering pending tax liabilities and 60 business days to finalize an actual amount of taxes, penalties, and interest due.
Therefore, in this case, it was proper for the employer to wait until the employee retired and began receiving benefits under the deferred compensation plan in order to withhold and pay the related FICA taxes.
** Delaying the vaccination until after hospital discharge should be rare and if the vaccination is not provided before discharge both a physician's order to withhold the birth dose and a copy of the laboratory report indicating that the mother was HBsAg negative should be documented in the infant's medical record.